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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Still on the ether

Thank you all for your emails, I’ve been very busy lately and as such am not able to visit all your great blogs.

I miss my usual daily interaction with all of you.
Hope to be able to write and comment soon.

Friday, February 09, 2007


The Kid and The Tiger

One of my fav

I’ve noticed that many J-Bloggers are fans of Calvin and Hobbes, evidenced by the fact that many use a picture of one of the characters as profile image.

As European, where until recently Calbert&Hobbes (Dutch names) were totally unknown, I got to know this fantastic comic strip in an unusual way.

It arrived from a friend in The US, a little torn and with occasional random lines drawn with color pencils.
I wondered out loud why he would think that would be of any interest to me.

The cover had a picture of an amateurishly drawn kid and a walking tiger. It was titled ‘It’s a magical world’.
This was the only reason I even bothered to open it as magic always fascinated me. (don't like Harry Potter though)

I read through the first few comics, closed the book right away, and got on my way to get my friend the book ‘giving presents, for dummies’.

For some reason a few lines from the book flashed through my mind afterwards.
Not knowing how to interpret it, I took the book out of the trash and gave it another shot.
While reading, subconsciously I started nodding along thinking, “that is so true”, “that is so insightful”, that is so funny and eventually giving in, burst out laughing!

I urged friends and family to read this book that made me smile and laugh again and again but no avail.
Whatever prejudices I had against those two poorly drawn creatures, theirs were stronger.

After apologizing for the dummies book I begged my friend to send me some more.
To my great sorrow he told me that the cartoonist of C&H had retired and advised me to read every book slowly and carefully.

A video, a little crude but fun.
Online Archive with many C&H comics.

Fans out there?

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