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Monday, October 17, 2005

Have you ever had a laugh attack?
You start laughing at something slightly -, or deliriously funny, get totally wrapped up in laughter, each sentence uttered regardless of it’s meaning after that sends you laughing harder and harder, possibly until you choke.

If your last one dates too long ago, come and witness me sitting in the Sukkah.
I wear a double sweater, a vest a scarf and gloves. People think I confuse the Sukkah with an igloo.
Don’t even ask how I eat the soup :)
I complain that it’s cold and I really am.

Many a person is jealous of me during the unbearable summer days.
Heat does not affect me in the least. I love it, I embrace it.
Any day where the thermometer shows 95 F°(35 Celsius) or higher is a beautiful day to me.
I don’t need air-condition or anything, I feel wonderful.
What the jealous ones don’t know, or don’t bother to notice as well as they do that warm weather is my friend, is that cold weather is my worst foe.
As my luck would have it, in my wonderful country there are only three seasons, winter being the domineering one and summer being the absent one.
I’ve often dreamt of moving to Miami or Orlando, but for now both are unrealistic dreams.
I remember the long way to school, back and forth every day. How torturous they were.
Thank G-D I have a drivers’ license now, but I still need to get to the car and out of it.
Forgive me, dear readers and commenters, if my writing will feel more morose from now on until warmer days.
Maybe a happy occasion here and there will figuratively bring some sun into the cold winter days that await me, and you will notice the change of style.
Nevertheless I still intend to be pragmatic as always about all this.
If I see winter clothing and articles in promotion I’ll be sure to share my findings with you.
Have a delightful Sukkos.

When doing the Kopporoh Schlogen, one should keep in mind that in fact what is being done to the fowl should actually be done to us to atone for our sins.
Of course this mustn’t be taken too literally...

Monday, October 03, 2005



I want to improve in various areas, especially Torah learning which I’ve been neglecting a little lately.
Inwardly a voice was saying, I need motivation, and then I’m sure I’ll have the necessary courage and stamina to seriously work on myself.
Then, out of the bleu, totally unexpected, I got a raise. (Before I got a chance to eat the raisins )
You’re familiar with the idiom “careful what you wish for, because you might get it”?
Well, I’m ecstatic about the raise, not that, however now I feel like I have to do something concrete, to work on my middos and Torah learning even more than I really intended to.
Work harder than if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
Now it’s a sort of fear, while before the inflation it felt more like an Elul-thing-to-do.
In moments like these I really wonder whether H’Ashem is sending me a revealed challenge.
“You said you wanted motivation, now do your part.”
I’d like to compile a list of concrete, attainable goals to work on during the next two weeks, hopefully continuing and progressing as the year elapses.

If you have a moment please help me complete it.
Greeting people in a friendly manner, regardless of my own personal mood.
-Spend more time learning Torah or attend Shiurims.
-Call my grandmothers at least twice a week.
-Post comments to blogs I enjoy.
…..To be filled in by you guys….

Ps. don’t forget to eat raisins and celery (raise-in-salary)
And Bananas (Bonne annee- French).
Just joking, stick with the apples and honey

ps again:sorry for the mistake Samecha is with a Sien!But it's the thought that counts.

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