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Monday, October 03, 2005



I want to improve in various areas, especially Torah learning which I’ve been neglecting a little lately.
Inwardly a voice was saying, I need motivation, and then I’m sure I’ll have the necessary courage and stamina to seriously work on myself.
Then, out of the bleu, totally unexpected, I got a raise. (Before I got a chance to eat the raisins )
You’re familiar with the idiom “careful what you wish for, because you might get it”?
Well, I’m ecstatic about the raise, not that, however now I feel like I have to do something concrete, to work on my middos and Torah learning even more than I really intended to.
Work harder than if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
Now it’s a sort of fear, while before the inflation it felt more like an Elul-thing-to-do.
In moments like these I really wonder whether H’Ashem is sending me a revealed challenge.
“You said you wanted motivation, now do your part.”
I’d like to compile a list of concrete, attainable goals to work on during the next two weeks, hopefully continuing and progressing as the year elapses.

If you have a moment please help me complete it.
Greeting people in a friendly manner, regardless of my own personal mood.
-Spend more time learning Torah or attend Shiurims.
-Call my grandmothers at least twice a week.
-Post comments to blogs I enjoy.
…..To be filled in by you guys….

Ps. don’t forget to eat raisins and celery (raise-in-salary)
And Bananas (Bonne annee- French).
Just joking, stick with the apples and honey

ps again:sorry for the mistake Samecha is with a Sien!But it's the thought that counts.

Sounds like a very good, honest and aspiring list.

I too want to improve in Torah reading and prayer.

May you and your lived ones be inscribed for a good, sweet year.

Shana Tova.
Hi Barbra,
Improving in prayer is also something I should work on, I do it way to fast.
Thanks for drawing my attention to it!

Actually, thank you for drawing the prayer issue to my attention. Since I have been improving it, by quanity and quality, it has made me feel better.

Have a good shabbos, and an easy fast next week.
All this time, I thought my father was a genius, and make up the "raisin the celery" segula.

G'mar Chasima Tova.
i like that raisin and celery never heard it before LOL
Hi Shevy, maybe he really did, and word got around...

Open up- Truth be told this is the first year I hear of it.
Where much is given, much is expected... Good luck...
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