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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Another Reason not to Watch TV!

Boston Legal is currently my favourite show.
Just last week it took the place of Scrubs, which is now number 2 in my own imaginary top ten.
In the last episode I saw (The Nutcrackers) one the main characters, a lawyer is defending a seemingly nice couple who, as it turns out are very much racists, holocaust deniers and by extension highly anti-semtic.
The sister of the defendant wants to take her kids away as she believes those poor souls are poisoned by their parents’ hatred of everyone and everything different.

The lawyers at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, the lawyer firm this show is all about, are portrayed as sublimely intelligent creative people and it can be suggested that they are mind readers.

Naturally they win almost every case that is brought to them.
Part of the fun of the show is listening to the closing arguments when a seemingly impossible case is lost in everyone’s mind but the lawyers from Crane, Poole & Schmidt
In this particular case Alan Shore won again.
He convinced the Judge that there was no cause to separate the children from their parents.

The writers made sure to include a few sentences that made it clear that Alan was strongly opposed to his clients’ views and greatly disliked them, yet he did his job to the best of his ability and won.

I understand that this show is fiction, and yet I was left with a rather sad feeling after this episode.
In a courtroom, in front of a Judge in the US, people can openly claim to hate the Jews and walk out with a big smile.

It shows that there still is tolerance for such views. There are no consequences whatsoever to admitting being a Jew hater.
I wish I had missed this episode...

I encourage you all to read the
Havel Havalim entry of this week, it’s hilarious but please remember that this is fiction too!


Sorry, Prag. I tried to make it humorous without it being offensive or slanderous.

Any resemblances in my posting to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Yehuda-No need to apologise I loved it!
Eh, that's why they tell you that TV is bad for you.
And I thought Jews ran Hollywood!!!
oy, I am with Kasamba on this. I always thought American TV series are somehow educating Europeans who do not have any contact with Jewish people and have no clue about Jewish life. This definitely doesnt fall into this category.
I feel for the sister. She's probably right about the parents influence.
Nemo-Now I know they were (also) right.

Kas-Not anymore unfortunately.

Smorgars-They were technically portrayed as villains, still it was wrong to let them win.

Lvnsm-She definitely is right.
It’s a written script but I suppose this could happen in reality.
I agree so glad I don't have a tv lol.
TV makes your brain mush.
here's the thing though...isn't it possible, at least in theory, that the message this episode was attempting to convey was a little more complicated? I read into the following potential life lessons:
1)sometimes in real life, the bad guys win. tough.
2)anti-semites still exist.
3)morally and ethically sound lawyers who try to do their job correctly - ie interpret and defend the law of the country - sometimes have to deal with things that are complicated and unpleasant; but if they are honest people, they will put aside personal feelings and opinions and simply do their job. if these parents do not fit the definitions and guidelines for unfit guardianship, then by law they should keep their kids.
I for one have never been a fan of television whitewashing reality.
Miri-You certainly see it differently.
I guess it's only ethical for a lawyer to do his best IF he takes on the case.
But all in all you're right.
The show was more realistic than I like to admit.
I love this show. My mom and I sit down every week and watch it together...lol Well, we also watch a couple of other shows together but this is her absolute favorite!
I haven't seen that episode, but I love Boston Legal- Alan Shore is so smart! You're right, his closing arguments are sheer genius.

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