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Friday, December 08, 2006


The year is 2006, and this happened.

Yesterday a man died, indirectly assassinated by the Police.
It’s the buzz of the town.
Now you could think that the man was a murderer, a danger and menace to polite society (if there’s still is such a thing), then understandably the police had no choice, self defence is and always will be a valid and legal justification at a murder trial.
It isn’t so however.

They stormed the guy’s apartment early in the morning entered almost literally as viciously as the infamous gestapo once did and yelled for everyone to remain in place and not move.
The investigators were researching (note he was not yet found guilty of anything) the business practices of the men.
Probably startled by the brutal entrance and yelling the guy fell in a faint.
Rumour goes that they refused to call for medical help and denied permission to the guy’s wife to do so.
Tragically this story has a fatal ending.
At most this guy was guilty of not paying enough taxes or earning some money he did not declare yet he was treated in a way no one would dream of acting towards the most cruel killers and terrorists.
The year is 2006, and this happened.

I didnt see that bit, prob cause kolkos nore "important"
Very sad...but who really knows what the true story is. With the media so liberal and distorted today it's hard to know what exactly went on in there and why they acted in such an inhumane manner, because that is NOT the norm.
What a terrible tragedy. :(
Wow, how sad...
what about those 50 bullets that were shot by a group of crazed cops that fatally killed sean bell and a couple of others....
its a pathetic world, full of racism, false accusations, and craziness...
I think its the cops that deserve sitting behing bars for crime, not these innocent victims
Yingerman-It was very local news, here in Europe.

Shopaholic-So nice to see you again!
Good observation, as a matter of fact the report says they did call for help.

Stacey-It is, how sad and depressing.

Baleboosteh-Thanks for visiting.
It's tragic story, I'm curious to ses how it will unfold.

1beautiful-I see stories of the same type happened before.
I didn't see/hear this story in the news. Do you have a source?
sad story
anonymous-Here is a report in English.Most I read were in Dutch.

Sarah-very sad.
I think these things happen all the time. A few months ago I read about a 9 year old girl in a phychiatric ward left unattended on 4 point restraints while she vomited from the shot they gave to calm her down from a tantrum she was having. Of course almost an hour later one of the nurses went in to "re-dose" her and she had been dead for quite some time. I hope her parents own that hospital by 2007.
Awful and very frightening!
What a terrible tragedy, and sadness for his family.

Prag, thank you for all your kind words of support you have extended to me these days. I really appreciate it.

An early Happy Hanukah!
Oyy terrible.
I agree with shopaholic....It is still sad though.
Geez- if the guy was just being investigated for financial irregularities, I don't understand why they had to break in. Seems like the police were out of line on this one, but then I don't know the whole story.
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prag, many things happen in the year 2006. Why not focus on the possitive happenings? what a sad story and frustrating. Never knew taxes = the death penalty.
The world is upside down.
Sara-Well said, it’s quite frightening though that things like that happen.

Kasamba-It is.

Barbara-You are most welcome.

Social-It is

Lucy-Very sad.

Amishav-I imagine there’s another side to the story yet the way they entered even they don’t deny was brutal.

Chaverah-It’s true, I also prefer hearing about the good things that happen.

Muse-In Europe somewhere.
Being Jewish has nothing to do with upholding the laws, it's just the way we were born.
Just want to thank you for your kind email, and you have inspired my latest post, for your information.

Happy Hanukah!
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