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Monday, December 18, 2006



We humans are a weird breed.

An innocent comment, said by someone who most likely meant nothing by it can bother us for days.

We dream about unexplainable things and people we have absolutely no relation ship with or to.

We regret the words we said and wish we had done certain things differently.
We fixate over past mistakes instead of obsessing on how to make them better.

We feel sadness for no obvious reasons, and work hard to find a reason for that feeling even there really isn’t one.

But a single kind word or gesture emanating from the heart stays with us forever.

Should I change the “We” into "I", or not?

no, i'm with you so there's at least two so keep it as 'we'!
Its so true! Is there a way to change the facts?
Great post.
Sarah-it only takes two, but I have a feeling there are more

Shy-I hope so..I haven't a solution right here though.

how true!
arent we humans oh so complicated??
I dont thing theres anything as mysterious and complex as us humans
So true about the power of words and gestures.
It is so very true, and the words themselves, whether in the form of a we or an I are meaningful.

By the way, you have inspired my latest post. Have a look.
thats EXACTLY how ive been feeling all day!
Prag, I'm soooo with you on this!
Sarah stole my comment. Or maybe I'm stealing hers. Since it seems I've done the same and had it done to me time and time again, I think "we" fits perfectly.
I think that sometimes people say things that they don't really mean. It's hard when all you do is type the words down, because you really can't hear the tone of voice. I totally understand what you mean....
some ppl tend to be more negative than others.
but still, leave it at not.
Happy Channnuka!!!! I think we all feel the same sometimes.
Love this post, Prag!!
I could probably write a book on a few of the points you made
Well said.
true, true, true
This is what happens when I stop reading blogs...great posting!!
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