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Monday, November 27, 2006


Anti Mel Gibson Cartoon

Mel Gibson movies were once popular titles in the video store located in my neighbourhood.
Since he decided we are to blame for all the world's problems, we felt it's only fair to blame him (that Rasha!) for all our problems.

The Polish and Russian immigrants don't rent that many movies and thus our boycott was quite successful.
We decided to boycott any movie with him in front or behind the camera.

The poor owner (Non Jewish), who's a nice guy, offers to sell all video's/dvd's starring (or rather disgracing ) that evil personage at.3.30$

Any takers?

Saw this cartoon and thought it was brillaint!

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Yup I agree
I agree to your boycott but for it to take real affect on a global scale would be the naive hollywood bigwigs to boycott him in his own comfort zone.

Anonymous-I really didn't think that he'd suffer from it financially.
It's a matter of principal.
I wish there was something bigger I could do, In my opinion it's the Jewish hollywood crowd who should undertake something.
i didnt think for a second you were trying to hit him financially - i do get ur point of principal - its like not buying anything german/nazi associated.
I heard that he was an anti semite a whiile back and that his dad was worse than him.
But then I heard that he's got a dozen kids and is married to a plain jane for 20 years. So he couldn't be that bad.
I was wrong huh?
anon-that's exactly it!

Yingerman-I don't see why having many children in any way diminishes someone’s chances of being anti-semitic?
i dont see what the big deal is.. why was everyone surprised.. hes not the first anti semite..
if i boycott him its cuz og his last nasty movie.. but how outburst? pfft who cares
the world is so sad, and scary. How many more do we not know about??? great cartoon!
MOOKIE-I see your point, yet there's a certain satisfaction in boycotting, even if the impact is minimal.

Chaverah-at times it is, I'll try to focus on good poeple which B'H there are many in this world in future posts.
Prag, all his seven kids do is ensure there are seven more antisemites to take his place!

Now I have to go because one of the horns on my head is itching.
kasamba-Poor kids, they never even had a chance!
lol I always thought his movies were weird. He looks scary to me. Eyes all bugging out of his head. I'm with you. Lets spread the word. :-D
Great cartoon!
Regarding the kids, I felt that a family oriented type is probably tolerant.
After all each kid is a world of their own, and he had 7? kids or 7 different natures and the tolerance for 'em, then I figured he could have a wee bit of tolerance others.
Just a silly notion of mine.
brilliant cartoon
yes, a good one
I could not have said it better.

Let us hope that his newest movie is a reflection of his downfall in Hollywood.
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