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Tuesday, October 03, 2006



All the personas in the previous post are one single person.
It starts with the I-persona, a regular good Jew but imperfect as we all are.

I: What am I going to do? I know I sinned!
Evil inclination: “Don’t say anything to anyone”, I reply as composedly as I can.

I.E. Don’t repent, as long as no one knows what harm is there?

Good inclination: “Are you nuts?” he snaps

If you do not (confess) repent you’ll always be hounded by your past sins.

Evil inclination: It will and I’ll help you...

Take the easy road!

Who will he listen to?
That’s the principal pre-Yom Kippur question?
Do we really intend to make Teshuvah or still hide behind our rationalizations and excuses?
My Yom Kippur went well B’H, didn’t have any headaches and didn’t feel too weak towards the end like I do sometimes.
The Davenen was terrific; I slept a little before Minchah and managed to remain standing throughout Neila.
For the moments when the Chazzan was completely solo, mostly during the repetition of the Amidah, I brought along two books with stories about Tzaddikim.
Luckily this year I remembered to bring more books along as in previous years people would borrow the books from me, leaving me with nothing but my thoughts to keep me busy.

How did it go for all of you and more importantly what did you break the fast with?

glad it was a good YK for you!

Nice message to your story of suspense :)

YK here was fine, no complaints other than a little tired during the day so I may have dozed off during the slowere parts or the talks.

Our shul has a Kiddush after the fast for the kehila to be able to eat after Maariv. Had some water, crackers, veggies there and then ate properly at home. I'd dreamt about salami at one point during the day when I dozed off so that's what I had :)
Good story, and very true.

My Yom Kippur went ok, though I was quite low energy towards the end.

I broke the fast on bagels and cream cheese, home-made cream of mushroom soup, salad and my yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, accompanied by a friend.
Sarah-that's a great thing to have a Kiddush, some people live at a certain distance from Shul and therefore they always have to fast a little longer until they get home.
I bet the salami never tasted as good:)

Shoshanah-It's normal to feel weak towards the end, this time I didn't but often during previous years I felt so weak.
What a meal, I started with a glass of coke and the went on to eat whatever I could find in the closets:)
Glad it went well I would not have guessed.
Social-it was open for interpretation as well:)
B'H Yom Kippur was great. Broke the fast on brisket with my wife.
Glad you had enough books with you and am happy to hear you had a good YK. I broke the fast with "gehackte leber" and soup.
Mystery solved, now I can finnaly sleep in peace again ;)

Nice to hear your YK went well. same here, broke the fast on baggels and tuna/lox for a truly jewish year :)
Good story, this year's YK went by well, glad yours did too. Broke the fast traditionally every year with the same: bread, eggsalad, cheeses, smoked salmon, hering, different cakes. Afterwards also the same could not sleep 'til 3am.
Ah, nice story :-)

Our fast is a bit easier here in Israel as our government starts standard time a month earlier than the rest of that world for precisely that reason. It's only one hour less, but I think it makes a difference- mentally, if nothing else.

Oh, and bagels, of course! To the guy who ate brisket- how could you? Meat right after a fast? I think my stomach would rebel!
Shame on you, Prag, playing mindgames with us! Good post though. We all have many sides and many layers....

Yom Kippur went by pretty fast. Have a chag sameach!
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