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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Weird conversation

-What am I going to do?
-What am I going to do?

Such panic, such worry

“Don’t say anything to anyone”, I reply as composedly as I can.
“Are you nuts?” he snaps.

I’m trying to be logical.
By talking it will hurt you, by keeping it quiet, no one will be hurt.

-How will I live with this on my conscience?
Who says you have to, block it out.
-it..it won’t work
It will and I’ll help you...

next post on The Pragmatician-What will - do?(and what the h*** is this about?)

yep, totally confused!

i await the next installment...
what is this about
Sarah and YY-You must take a wild guess, then I'll elucidate what this is all about.
Can't imagine I am in such suspense, can't wait, tell us now!!!
Hey prag if I dont get any sleep tonight then I'm going to be placing the full blame on this post :P
person A knows something baaaad about a shidduch and doesnt know if he should repeat it or not and person B thinks person A should just mind his own business and ignore it..
two kids who broke a vase in a store, one kid feels guilty and wants to tell, the other tells him to shush up and run..
a cheating spouse, a tax evader, an illegal immigrant, a cheating student, a kid in trouble, a pregnant teen.. so many possibilities.......
So many possible scenerios!!!!
never talk about it - to anyone else...
that's important..
keeping private saves lives in the long run..
then - say -human beings arent perfect..they make mistakes
only G-d is perfect..
being imperfect is part of being human..
having a conscience is proof of inner desire to do what is right..
Very intriguing... will this cliffhanger wait untul after Yom Kippur? Have an easy fast and a meaningful holiday... shana tova!
Great way to get readers to come back again! lol

I think that either you're about to out another blogger or you saw someone steal post-it notes from work.
Social-it’s not as interesting as that, solution before YK.

Chasidishe- wow it worked that well?:)

M00kie- scenario 1 is good but I would be much more at loss as to what to do.
Scenario 2 could have been it if I had written this about 15 years ago.
Scenario 3-hmmmmm….
Good ideas though, when reading a suspense novel I suspect you can point the culprit after 14 pages.

Kasamba-The answer soon on these pages

TOWIK-Your getting close

Frumgirl-thank you, no the explanation will probably be explained before.

Neil-I didn’t spend there years listening to marketing speeches for nothing :)
it all depends on the what the person hopes to achieve as the end result. If he wants to ease his own guilt and it wont "benifit" anyone then it is selfish. If what he wants to offload will help others (even if it causes pain along the way) then he should talk!
doesn't sound very good
I wont even try, please continue ASAP!
I am waiting with baited breath!
a coversation between man and G-d about whether to reveal the sins (al chait) he did over the year which will hurt G-d, but you can't keep it inside if you want to repent and throw away the guilt
by talking it will hurt you? are you going to out your blog identity?!?

(that's my wild guess ;)
Ooh, the intrigue! The suspense! Don't keep us waiting too long, please!
loved bellany's take on it!!
liked her take too
Bellany got the closest!
I meant to post the answer before YK, but that is just not the most productive activity on Erev YK.

Between Znonymous and Bellany is what I intended.

Thanks to all my blog visitors
Shanah Tova!
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