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Thursday, September 07, 2006



Time, it’s such an elusive concept.
Time flies, time stand still etc...
It’s always the same, now a minute later than it was a minute ago and in a minute we’ll all have been doing something or nothing for another 60 seconds.
It never changes, that’s why I don’t wear a watch.
They say we don’t realize how much can be accomplished in a whole minute.
You can get something done, read another page in the book you don’t seem to finish, or you can earn eternal reward by peeking into a Chumash or a Gemarah. (Recommended course of action)
An hour flies by when you’re having fun, they say…
An hour seems like an eternity if you’re impatiently waiting for something.
(the first commenter on your last post??)
Work is no fun, not any day of the week, so how come some days nevertheless fly by and on others the clock seems to have gotten stuck on 12:00 am when it really should be 6 pm already? ??

One explanation pertaining to me, is whether I had my dose of coke(cola) with my breakfast or not

lol, it's always like that. Sometimes feeling fast and sometimes feeling slow, but still overall going at the same speed as usual.
Great post...time seems to slip by when it's time to get the kids ready for school...yet it takes forever to get them to bed.

A supervisor at work once told me that time is something we control.
Some days, like you said, go by fast, others just drag. Being busy and focused on tasks helps.
When I am busy, time flies. Actually, I am always busy these days. Wish time would stand still just for a moment!

I love all of the sayings having to do with time. One of my favorite is: "Time waits for no one."
There was once a great commercial for a new Swatch-watch. They showed how some seconds can have a different meaning to different people in different situation. Like a athletic who is about to make a new world record, or a girl impatiantly waiting for her date to arrive etc.

It is quite a phenomenon, cause even when you are busy, if you are not doing something you like, the time can stand still, not because you have nothing to do, just because you can´t find pleasure in what you do.
weirddd... these are the exact thoughts that have been flying thru my mind all day..
(even the coke comment :)
wow, i think everybody agrees with what you are saying.but to not wear a watch??? HELP! i need to see the time regardless. without time there is no order in my life. ANd another thing. the days that go by fast are, of course, the days you are crazy busy! Its not only when you are having fun, but distracted from time.
Very very well written.
love the way you discussed the subject in such a lighthearted, yet deep way...
Amazing that you don't wear a watch
The Pragmatician of ALL PEOPLE! lol
can't get over that one..
I should post your post on my kitchen wall - (or maybe have it tatooed onto me-lol) excellent thoughts to keep in mind..every minute of the day.
in geneva airport this summer - tons of watch advertisements..
nothing to do with post
but one i loved
You never own a Patek Philippe...You only take care of it, for the next generation..

thought it was good..

it is a very elusive concept but it's always there.

the current time-related question we've been wondering about is whether or not the days/weeks/years seem to go faster as we get older? was it that when were little, children, we lived in the moment without having to worry about things too far in advance?
I don't know what I would do without my watch. Great stuff.
the old theory of relativity at work.

I find it strange reflecting back on the summer (for example) how quickly it flew by, yet the events of the beginning of the summer seem like ancient history. How do both sides of the coin get played?
true, very ture...

it took me almost a minute to type this... :o)
Einsteins nephew once asked him to explain the theory of relativity to him..so he said..

When you have a pretty girl sitting on your lap, an hour seems like a second; when you're sitting on a hot stove, a second seems like an hour.
and btw..

I dont either wear a watch..never have
My hubby and I also do not wear watches. We both used to, but took them off when we went to Hawaii for New Year's eve of the "Millenium"....we wanted to enjoy the life without watching the time.

We haven't put them back on since. We figure there are clocks EVERYWHERE, and this one little jesture has been 'freeing'. :) just thought I'd share since you sparked the memory...
Lately I could use 36 hours in a day, so much I would like to do and don't find the time. Other days could only have 16 hours while I sleep at least 8 hours of it.
listening to alot of people who don't wear watches..very interesting..i can sense a certain freedom.. and perhaps - just perhaps..can't be sure - but maybe one makes better use of time without a watch...doing without thinking..'in a minute' - or 'tomorrow' - or 'well, i still have a few hours, so i'll get to that later..' -
though i don't know how one makes an appointment on time, if one doesnt know the time! :)
So true! Sigh, Why is it that time goes so slow when allthe wrong things are happening and so fast when your having a blast :(

Also thinking back, regarding time going faster as you get older, I remember as a kid going to camp, those two summer months lasted FOREVER now it seems the summer is over in the blink of an eye.

Shavua tov
Time does fly. But the larger question becomes, at least for me, do we get the most out of each and every minute?

As usual, my answer is not simple. For the most part, I would say yes, as learning what to do with time, and how to enjoy it, comes with age. But sometimes, no matter what we do or how hard we try, time is ellusive, and does indeed fly by.
Great post!
I wish my life was made up of microwave minutes.

Then I'd live forever.
I also never wear a watch - I think it was a reaction to living in New York. Everyone is always so rushed, I just didn't ever want to be a slave to time....
Why does vacation go by so fast?
As you await something time just seems to crawl but when you look back it flew.

Amazing how all of life is but a state of mind.
Not sure about the title of this one... but I think the answer is whether you are enjoying what you are doing or not.
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