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Friday, September 01, 2006



I don't have the time to write lengthy posts unfortunately, although there's much I'd like to share with you.
In the meantime, as I told Chaverah I would, I’d like to start a meme.

The idea is to give the first person you see after you read this post a compliment(unless it happens to be someone you despise)
and then when you have a moment to share to whom you gave the kind word and what it was.

I tag everyone who commented on my last two posts.
Tagged ones, you must tag another blogger in return!
Gut Shabbes friends!

image from this site

Cool idea and the comic is so true lol.
bli neder
please remind me after Shabbat
don't get it - re explain if poss...
Loved the comic!!!!!!!!!!
too true!
Social-let me knwo to whom you gave it and what you said!

Batja-I'll drop a note bli neder!

TOWIK-A meme is a blog shtick where one blogger starts a chain of something that has to be passed on from blogger to blogger.
It can be a series of questions or a task.
In this case it’s a task.
You need to give someone a compliment and then tell me here on your blog what you said and to whom(husband, mother, friend etc...)
Looking forward to read your compliment :)
Since you're my friend; here goes- great idea!!!!
Prag - thanks
I knew what a meme was - :)
but didn't understand this particular one - do now, though!
okay - just did it!
went over to my hubby and told him sweetly...
'you're so nice and patient for letting me blog!'...
he grinned and rolled his eyes!!!!
Kasamba-Great to see you back in Blogland!Shalom Aleichem.

TOWIK-Thanks for being the first one to implement my idea!
Very appropriate 'en plus':)
A git vuch you cant tag like that!!!!

Anyway I reall stopped by to tell yu I put something on my blog you might like.

I refuse to do the tag lol
I told a co-worker on Friday that I admired his ability to stay level headed during tough times at work. He said thanks and that he's impressed that I noticed. Great idea, thanks!
Love the comic, will see what I can do about the tag, great idea.
Eshet-What a shame you refuse to participate, but it's your right to do so; no hard feelings:)
I'm curious to read your new post. See you there

Neil-That was the idea!Thanks for participating.

Chasidishe-Glad yiu liked it, I found it with the simple search term 'compliment'
unless its someone you despise??? are you mad?? thats the whole point!
unless i missed something here, i think that is pretty odd..
prag - interesting idea. thanks for letting me know about the MEME. i will try it out and let you know.
The Sabra-well I’m a pragmatician and giving someone you love a compliment is hard enough, I didn’t want it to be a mission impossible.
Always be pragmatic!

Chaverah-looking forward.
ahem :)
Mata Hari-?
i think ur wrong, with all due respect. (eh pragmatically do i owe you any respect?)

first of all, why is it difficult for you to compliment a loved one?

but thats not my point. my point is about the infinite good a kind word will do for someone(NOT 'cheer up!') and its so easy to find ONE good thing about a person. so why not take a sour relationship n turn it sweet? all in the zechus of the prag! cmon think of the olam habbbbbbaaaaaaaaaa
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