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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



For those of you who like me just realized that Rosh Hashanah is starting in two days. Please remember it in fact is.
We were discussing whether or not to have guest over for Shabbes, when it dawned on us that the upcoming Shabbes was no ordinary one.
In fact we couldn’t have anyone over, as we’d be guests somewhere ourselves.

For fellow Bloggers who share an impatient nature and an intolerance for needlessly stretching out Tefillos with me, there’s good news.
Shabbes there’s no Shofar blowing and consequently the Tefillos and the davenen as a whole is shortened considerably.
The Berachos for Tekias Shofar are skipped and some Tefillos are generally omitted on Shabbes.

I’ve also opted to pray in a Shul where the Chazzan pronounces every word carefully but does not add “oi oi ois’ and “woe woe woes” to every few paragraphs.
It’s not a Shul intended for those who do not appreciate the importance of Rosh Hashanah and therefore wish ‘to get it over with’ fast and easy.
It’s a shul composed of people that realize that a Davenen that schleps exaggeratedly leads in many cases to idle conversation, sleepiness and possibly boredom.
Those who do appreciate a long Mussaf, who enjoy a Chazzan giving the best of himself and added non-words thrown in between Tefillos have my deepest respect.
That does not give them the right however to be condescending to others who feel that an overdrawn Tefillah is not for them.

There are many right ways to serve our Creator and if a congregation where the whole Machzor is recited, only in a less chanting manner, is the right one for me, than you should show me the same respect I show you for putting your head down on your arm while you are way ahead of the Chazzan…

Wherever you choose to Daven this Yom Tov, make sure to ask for a above all else a healthy year and for anything you else very specifically.
After the words put together by Chazal have been recited it’s alright to use your own words in your own language and express your needs to H’Ashem.
Image of shofar from wikipedia

Let me be the first on you blog to wish you a heartfelt SHANA TOVA; filled with peace, love, courage, strength, and health.
Shana Tova! Have a wonderful new year!
Tamara-thank you, Shanah Tova to you and your dear ones.

Shoshanah-thnaks, Shannah Tova!
Shana tova, have a great year
Shana Tova :)

And have a meaningful Rosh Hashanah.
<"Shul where the Chazzan pronounces every word carefully but does not add “oi oi ois’ and “woe woe woes”">
LOLOLOL, very funny prag. now please tell me where you can find a shul without the oi's. I will go there!
"It’s a shul composed of people that realize that a Davenen that schleps exaggeratedly leads in many cases to idle conversation, sleepiness and possibly boredom."

Where can I find such a shul??? The high holidays always leaves me HIGH-bernating in shul.

Shana Tova! May you have a happy, healthy and wealthy year!
Have a happy healthy new year.
wish I could come to your shul
mine goes oy oy oy and woe woe woe...
sometimes it's okay...
but other times..
lets just say
TG for Artscroll
Prag....let me wish you a heartfelt gut gebentcht yar....
May you be blessed with health, happiness, a good parnassah, and everything you wish for..including continued pragmaticism..
As a chazzen myself I take offense to this post..lol
just kidding..but the oi oi ois come in handy..(like when u forget the nussach..lol)

Have a Happy Healthy Year...

Youre a rock of stability in blogworld..
LVNS-thank you and you too, have a great year.

Chaverah-you are very welcome, if you want to make the trip till here, eight hours flying, better hurry.

Chasidishe-nice play on words, I used to almost literally fall asleep and almost recite the Machzor twice, now I find that it’s perfectly acceptable to bring along an inspiring artscroll book.
You are very welcome to join us, in Europe…

Socail-thank, you have a difficult year behind you, may the upcoming one be much easier and better IY’H.

TOWIK-Yes I use artscroll as well, it so much easier with it.
Thank you for your beautiful beracha, may only good (as we with our puny minds understand it) things happen in the upcoming year IY’H.

David-I didn’t know you were a Chazzan, well I’m sure people have patience for your davening as it must be wonderful.
Thank you for the compliment, it’s much appreciated.
Shanah Tova!
Why do you think the people who put down their heads at the 'oiy oiy oiy' shuls would not respect you- someone who wants to, and does, daven at an 'oiy oiy oiy- free' shul? They probably want to be there with you, skipping all those 'oiy's.....
actually, on second thought... then they lose out on their sleep..

K'siva V'chasima Tova! Daven well!
And I happen to like the shofar:)
impressed that u wrote where the shofar image is from.

hope you and yours (and e/o readin this blog) have a fantabulous year with only revealed goodness.

(and if i dont manage to wish you well before next rosh hashona, well then change this blessing to 'a LIFE of revealed goodness')
Shana Tova.

May you be inscribed for a sweet and heathly year, for a year of strength, peace and joy.
Shannah tovah!
Gerat post. Meaning what one says, especially in davening is whats important! Have a year full of brachos!
Too true!!
Hubby feels the same way!
Hope you had a great Yom Tov!!!
Ironically, davening lasted longer the first day than the second, in my shul. Go figure.

Gmar chatimah tovah!
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