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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Been Tagged!

I got Tagged by Yakki

Acts of Kindness - גמילות חסדים
There is no prescribed measure for the precept regarding acts of chessed (kindness/righteousness). Talmud, Shabbat 127a

An act of Chesed done for me today:
Since today nothing in particular comes to mind, I'll pick something from Erev Rosh Hashana.
We came home and in front of our door there was a lovely small plant with a very nice note clipped to it.
It was our neighbors (we have been living there since Shavuot but...)welcoming us to the building.

It's always pleasant to be surprised by a kind and thoughtful gesture ,remember that friends.

I tag anyone whole feels like participating.


Very kool, i think will try to take up you're open ended tag later on today!
I like this one. I think I'll give it a try.
cool, I'm looking forward to see your posts about it LVNS and Tikkun.
What a nice positive post. Thank you and have a great Jewish New Year.
Its such a great feeling..knowing that someones thinking about you..(positively lol)
Very nice meme and very timely.
Very nice meme and very timely.
Very nice meme and very timely.
It's never to late to give a gift.
can i share my chessed done to me, over here? thanks ill take that as a yes.
so, im gonna use an erev rosh hashona one as well (hey if you did, so can i)

A neighbor came over 'out of the blue' and brought me some stamps from Israel because she knows that I am missing it like crazy. Just like that. Nearly made me cry.

Alright everyone, thanks for listenin...
Pleasing-Thanks for stopping by

David-it is, I mena it was

Social-three thanks

Chavera- I so agree, it was a nice gift and a surprise as we weren't expecting anything at this point anymore,

The Sabra-it would have been a yes, so good choice!
Stamps?A collector? Cry?
she saw somethin from israel in her house, thought of me, brought it over randomly and i nearly cried cuz it was so nice, so unexpected and cuz i miss bein in israel physically (as in its in my head and heart and soul right now..)
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