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Monday, August 21, 2006


We may not question G-D, but we may question Israel, right?

A trip to Israel is always memorable but this year’s is even more so as I did nothing there.
Nothing at all, no visits (to family or museums), no tiyulim(outings) of any kind (who needs the desert when there are so many kosher desserts available?)
Nope just relax, eat and drink.

I’ve made a couple of interesting observations though.

-It’s amazing being able to finally taste the famous Pizza Hut pizza, but it’s very unsettling to see two arabic women on the second table to the right doing the same.How come 2 arabs have no qualms about walking into a mall patronized mainly by Jews?

-I appreciate the need for security at the airports which for a second reminded me of those awful lines at Disney, but I don’t get the point if weird and suspicious looking people get through anyway?

-It’s wonderful that there’s such a large selection of bottled water brands, but what’s the point if all of them have an almost immediate averse effect on my digestive system.?

-How wonderful that everything has a Hersher, but why not make it Cholov Yisrael while you're at it?

I always felt proud of my so-so but doable knowledge of Hebrew, after witnessing a non Jewish Chinese guy being infinitely more fluent it sort of dissipated completely.(not a question, I know)

How come a mel gibson movie was shown at least thrice during my short stay on a Israeli channel? I’m not really surprised, this was a rhetorical question.

But an announcement sounding like :’Dear viewers a MG picture was on the schedule tonight, however due to his insensitive and plain anti semtical remarks, a different movie will be shown instead’.would’ve been very much appreciated.
Well dream on….
I’d like to mention that I decided to boycott the movie, even though I knew very well that it would have no further effect whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong though it was a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to come again!

Doing nothing can be fun, but when I'm in E"Y I would rather fill my time with doing things. To each his own, I guess. :)

How come 2 arabs have no qualms about walking into a mall patronized mainly by Jews?
Because Jews, unlike Arabs, are civilized people who can tolerate differences, and we will not lynch them on sight. They know that, so they can feel comfortable patronizing a public area even if it is mostly patronized by Jews.

I appreciate the need for security at the airports which for a second reminded me of those awful lines at Disney, but I don’t get the point if weird and suspicious looking people get through anyway?
Trust me, there are so many cops and undercover security agents all over the Israeli airports that even if some nutters make it through security, if they're dangerous they'll get caught. Israeli security is better than any in the world.

It’s wonderful that there’s such a large selection of bottled water brands, but what’s the point if all of them have an almost immediate averse effect on my digestive system?
Oysh. That's not fun. If it makes you feel any better, an Israeli coming to America would probably have the same problem. I think it has to do with different bacteria and stuff in the water.

How wonderful that everything has a Hechsher, but why not make it Cholov Yisrael while you're at it?
Oh, come on. So much amazing CY stuff is available in E"Y, you have nothing to complain about. Their CY ice cream is sooooo much better than anything you can get in America, that's for sure. And they make such yummy chocolate. :)

Re: the guest workers knowing Hebrew better than you--well, if you lived in Israel, your Hebrew would probably get a lot better, too!

Re: Mel Gibson movies--while it would have been nice of them to make an announcement and cancel the showings, they're entitled to show stuff if people will watch it. [shrugs]

I'm glad you had a nice vacation!
Sounds relaxing, happy to hear it was fun. That is wierd that bottled water gave you problems. Too bad:(. I know so many stuff is not CY oh well. Good to see you back and posting.
wow lucky you i love israel, can't wait to go again! welcome back!
Were you in the mall in Mevasseret Zion? We have a Pizza Hut here and often see a mixed clientele.

glad you had a nice trip!!!
i thought all dairy products in israel were chalav israel, unless they were imported.. no?

and btw.. the weirdos who get thru customs are probably undercover security agents :)
So many complaints lol
It is so wonderful that you went!
Sounds like a good trip for you actually.

We just came back today, and the experience was unforgetable! Now, to recover from the almost 17 hour plane ride.

Glad you went...I will look forward to hearing about your trip more. How long did you stay?
You are SO LUCKY to have been in Israel! I am so wanting to go!!!!!! Welcome back....
Hey, great observations, to echo scraps...

The arabs aren't afraid because they know that there aren't any Jewish suicide bombers.
I hope you had fun while you were here. Too bad about the bottled water, though- that's strange, bottled water is usually OK. It's the SINK water in different countries that usually makes people sick.

A few people have already said this, but I think it bears repeating- an Arab can go anywhere in this country without fear. It's too bad the reverse isn't true. I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around in certain Arab-Israeli towns (IN Israel- I'm not even talking about the Palestinian towns)

Anyway, thanks for coming here and contributing to our economy, even while the war was still going on :-)
Scraps -thank you for such a detailed comment on my rant.

I would rather fill my time with doing things. To each his own, I guess

Absolutely, just as I can’t fathom why people would go on vacation to do nothing but exhausting things, I accept the fact that some people can’t understand how you miss on opportunities to visit and do stuff.

1)your answer makes sense, yet it just seemed weird to me, you’d expect they’d feel uncomfortable in a space where everyone hates them, even if they are not going to be harmed.

2)I trust you, still very unpleasant feeling to see the weirdoes (aka dangerous looking) in the same terminal.

3)It wasn’t funny at all, next time I have to import some water:)

4)it’s just that all these brands that have no Hersher here, have one in Israel, it’s not like there wasn’t enough choice. But it would have been cool to taste the ‘real’ version once.

5)I have to force my Israeli friends to talk Hebrew with me, even if it hurts them when I do:)
Social-I never have this problem usually, luckily it didn’t spoil anything;

Notahottie-thanks, I can’t either.

Emah S- No actually it was in Jerusalem.
I don’t even know that other place.
Good Pizza, I hope they’ll open a Kosher version here one day;

Mookie-Hmm I don’ know perhaps all those chocolate bars are imported; they had a ‘local’ wrapping though.
That’s comforting:)

Emanuel-not really complaints, just a small rant:)

Barbara- wow, lucky for me the plain ride wasn’t as long, although I did have to take three of them.
I was in Israel for about ten days.
It was really great.
I had doubts about going but in part due to your resolve I was encouraged to go anyway.

Frumgirl-I feellucky, but what is keeping you?

Amishav-You know about Israel now!
True, but I would expect them to shy away from crowed public spaces. Guess they can afford to do whatever they please.

RR-It was weird, I never had that before, on the contrary I was actually looking forward to drink May Eden again.
We were happy to spend, keeping in mind that it helps the economy helped against my usually reticent spending habits:)
We tried to buy everyday-stuff like drinks, ice and nosh in different places regularly.
Prag, it sounds like you had the BEST kind of vacation. How good it is to just relax, eat, rest and support Israel!

Good for you for boycotting Mel Gibson!
Sounds wonderful. I am very bad I've not been to Israel in the past 10 years, but my brother-in-law and his new wife live in Israel and they expect a baby by the end of the year, so I (we) have another good reason to finally visit again.
I know so many people in Israel, I don't think I will ever get away with going there without visiting friends or family. How did you manage it? When was the last time you were there? How often do you go? Glad you had a chance to relax...
You make me laugh :D. You spend your vacation in Israel and expect not too have complaints afterwards? But the vacations in Israel are ALWAYS the best no matter how weird and funny or annoying things can be. I am sorry about the bottled water though....
Welcome back!

Nice to hear you had a relaxed vacation,g'luck getting back into the normal life.

Fun post, alot to think about...
So Nu, how was the pizza in pizza hut? I understand you regarding those two arab women, sounds really unsettling, we have this kosher falaffel/shawarmanplace here in ny and arabs are always walking in there for the middle eastern food, very unsettling.

I kinda enjoy going through isreili airpot security (elal) last time I flew to israel they put me through the JEWISH quiz and asked me what the last chag and how we celebrate it, fun fun fun.

Forget about bottled water stick to tap water, yum ;)

You would think that in israel kosher dairy would be cholov yisroel no?

LOL on the hebrew speaking chinese guy, I always bump into non jews who work in jewish stores and theyr hebrew/yiddish can be pretty impresive.

Way to go with the boycott, it sucks that he actually is a decent actor, to bad he aint a decent person.
despite all the questions, glad you had a good trip!!

shabbat shalom :)

Forgot to ask you, but did you find that the Shabbath experience in Jerusalem is so completely different from anywhere else? Watched at the hotel,beggining with each family sitting down at the table, having their own rituals for celebration, to davening in the synagogue, to relaxing and relating on Saturday afternoon.

I will miss Shabbath in Jerusalem, for certain!

Shabbath Shalom.
Prag, you said a lot there!

I know why the pizza hut ordeal was unsettling for you. I feel the same thing walking around campus.. I've got my kippah on, and the Saudis and Kuwaitis are dressed in their garb... they walk around with confidence as if they own the place! I'm always uncomfortable.. why should I feel uneasy about pulling my tzitzis out from hiding when they are covered head to toe in their hijab?
I know what you mean about suspicious looking characters getting onto planes!!
and then they go rummaging through MY purse!!
I actually DO appreciate security -

btw - did you ever hear Jerry Seinfeld making fun of pictures at the post office of men who are 'WANTED' -
He says 'Why don't they just arrest the guy when they take the picture! ' lol
he goes on to say - 'what can the rest of us do? We look behind us in line, then in front and if it's not 'him' - Well, ...we've done the best we can! LOL
This is what Eretz Yisroel has been reduced to?
Pizza Hut and Mel Gibson?
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