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Monday, August 28, 2006


Too Busy to Post and read!

Comments and emails will be answered asap,please forgive the delay...

Oy vey, soon you´ll need another vacation to recover from your current stress. Hope you are busy with good things only.
What Mia said! Hope things settle down for you soon.
I forgive you, don't let it happen again:).
Impressive, a post that's about nothing (ie Seinfeld). The funny part is that your readers, and myself included, are commenting. That's the sign of a quality blog.
Come back soon...I could use a dose of serious pragmaticism right about now...
Had to laugh about Neil´s comment! And it is sooo true! and I like the Seinfeld comparison :D
Yep I can only agree with Neil...lol
Aww...I keep checking back and keep seeing you're not here yet. Hurry back, Prag!
Thanks for your comment, Prag - was waiting for your good advice!
Ok... I know how it is to get one's bearings after leaving for a trip.

Shabbath Shalom.
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