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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today's Post

Got this by email, really worth taking a moment to listen to.

Here's a guy who does not call a lemon an apple and does call terrorists peace boycotters.


Take a moment to read Neil's story and take a moment to absorb the lesson.

And if all the bad news and pre-Tisha Be'Av stress gets the better of you, surf you way to the always deliciously satiric ‘The Knish

have an easy fast
YY-thanks, you too.
I heard it's pretty hot in New York right now.
Here the weather is perfect, I wonder if it'll stay till tomorrow.
Thanks for the link and thanks for the Knish.
they're great arent't they?
You're welcome
I too wish you an easy fast. I understand the weather in New York is so hot, that you will probably not feel much like eating anyway.
Hi prag
The knish was fabulous - thanks for the pointer!
Neil's story - interesting and well presented - sad state of affairs
Watching fox now..
finally a normal report!!
Thanks for the reports, and have a meaningful fast.
Hope you have an easy and meaningful fast!
Interesting, esp' the knish, thanks for the links.

Have a easy and "FAST" fast day :)
the knich - great place to read, LOL! its so nice to read something funny after so many depressing blogs! enough with the 9 days and tsha bav, i need to be over!!!
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