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Thursday, August 17, 2006



I'll be catching up on all your blogs !
Please let me know if a missed an important or otherwise special post.
Glad to be back....

How important are blogs? lol
welcome back!
welcome back :)

hope you had a nice break.
welcome back. Since you left, there has been a cease-fire in Eretz Yisroel, and more people are running their mouths. That's about it. Now get to work and post something for us.
hey hiya
welcome back
Great to have you back! Hope you had a nice break, didnĀ“t have to run around all the time and could even get a bit of a suntan :)
Welcome back.
Glad to see you are back now that I am too - it would have been weird to come back and have you gone like Mirty and a few others....
Hey, welcome back! Hope you had a great vacation!
Welcome back, Prag! I hope you got to really rest up! You were missed.
welcome back!
'enjoyed' your vacation? :P
what did you miss???? everything i write is important!!! how could you even ask such a question! waiting for your creative new MEME..........
Hey!! Has it really been two weeks already?? Bizarre...anyway, I just posted about how when I went to Hawaii for my summer trip two weeks ago, I was scuba diving by a coral reef when a great white came out of nowhere and I narrowly escaped by kicking its nose with my fins, which concurrently knocked a large slab of dead coral loose and in the revealed chasm, I discovered a great big treasure chest filled with spanish doubloons that in fact belonged to my long lost spanish ancestor, my great-great-great-great aunt sophia, who stowed away on christopher columbus's ship in 1492, and caused such a ruckus on board his ship when her suitcase of money fell overboard that columbus was inadvertently drawn off course by her distracting cacophonous wailing and ended up landing upon america.

It's been a long week.
Welcome back Prag!
Okee-What a facinating account:)
I've been gone too long
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