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Saturday, August 05, 2006



I'm going to 'rest' and 'relax' for two weeks.
See you all then......

relax well - you deserve it - (especially after being throttled around the neck recently! lol - kidding!)
Enjoy. I didn't really read any blogs on Thursday and it was a great feeling. Be well and Gut Voch!
Have fun, gosh not much notice you give us to weep lol.
Enjoy the time out and have fun with the family :D. Hope you will be able to rest...
Have a nice vacation!
Have fun!
Have a good vacation, enjoy.
We look forward to your return. We need as many "active" bloggers as possible to keep our little community interesting!
Enjoy your vacation!
Enjoy yourself!!!
hey! dont go away! come back! LOL no no have a great realxation!
good vacation and hope you rest.

enjoy, and have a good rest.
Enjoy your vacation, Prag!
Don't forget to hit the snooooooooze button!
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