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Thursday, July 20, 2006



As response to comments left on various Blogs, I was complimented a couple of times for genuinely deserving my Blog title.
Ironically just a few days after the last known confirmation, I stumbled like a fool.
Would Pragmatician be my job, I’d be fired now.

It started as an innocent, albeit immature, jest.
The air-condition in the office is always blasting on full power.
Unless I wear a cotton pullover I’m always freezing in the room.

Being the first one present- I don’t know what possessed me- that day, I hid the remote, absurdly the only way .to switch it on or off.

A colleague who desperately needs a sense of humor didn’t like my game at all and started looking high and low, so far as to put his hand in my pockets.

Gently I asked him not to touch my jacket and certainly not my pants, yet he continued to search like a maniac.
So I did something I had never done, not even in high school.
I shoved him off me, and to my great shock he became violent.
He grabbed my throat and held both my hands back.
I wasn’t really scared but now I wonder why, he looked too serious for what this was about.

A colleague pulled us apart and reported what had transpired to the boss. Eventually this was ‘worked out’ and I walked away from this story with a hurt thumb and great antipathy towards my colleague. A great shame since we sit next to each other about 8 hours a day.

How I wish I’d been more pragmatic that morning and didn’t resort to such childish tactics.
On the other hand, I dare barely admit it, it was a thrilling experience… Not one that I would choose to have again, yet it added something to my otherwise repetitive days and weeks…

I was wary about sharing this incident for fear of the effect it would have on my Blog image.However I’m simply too ashamed to tell my friends about my regression to high school and so I’m just taking the risk.

Okay let's blame it on the A/C, if that thing would have different fan and temperature levels this "fight" would have never started. But your colleague totally over-reacted, hope he apologizes to you.
oy! yes he did over-react, but I guess hiding the remote was a bit childish too. Now, get back to being your good old pragmatic self! lol
i don't think what you did was bad - i guess guys take any sort of remote controls very seriously :)

just chill out...
i mean..
keep cool...um
don't sweat it
Long day at work, huh? Wow. Never have excitement like that in my office. I think he over-reacted a bit. Hiding it was in interesting choice. You could have superglued it so that it wouldn't have turned off. Hope you're ok.
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Yay for being human!
Everyone loses it once in a while- we still think you're great!
LMAO!! Your co-worker completely and totally overreacted! He needs to attend a seminar in anger management.

And don't be too hard on yourself, Prag. Even we practical ones need to have some fun every now and then!
LMAO!! The dude needs to be sent to an anger-management class. I cannot believe his reaction!

An you, Prag, don't be too hard on yourself. Even we practical ones need to deviate every now and then!
Sometimes we have to fight to overcome our natural tendencies.
Men by nature have violent tendencies. You don't hear of too many women with anger management or temper control issues, do you?
That being said, my mother always told me. It's better cold than hot. If it's hot, you can always put on another sweater or warmer coat, but there's a limit to how much you can take off.
Well, as far as your blogging image, from my perspective, I think you are a fine person and an outstanding individual, who has always been gracious and considerate.

We all over-react in one form or another. Who among us can say, with honestly that we only wish we would not have said or done something, if only we could take it back. But since we cannot, we must accept it, move on, grow, and hopefully learn so lesson to respond differently in the future.

Don't be so hard on yourself!
Thats a great story... all o ver the air conditioning... go figure! And Prag, dont hesitate to share anything with us, we would never judge you!
there always that one time that I dont want to act rational and go with my gut. Of course I never get the guts and of course always worried about the result. I totally understand why you said screw it! and did what YOU want! why do we always have to be polite? even though what you did was not the smartest and it turned into a mess SO BE IT!
sometimes in the heat of the moment people do silly (not pragmatic) things... we are all human!

shabbat shalom :)
I never understood why people use air conditions yo make the room FREEZING cold just like it was in the winter, when they were complaining about the cold!
(Oh and of course vice versa, turning up the heater in the winter to make the room boiling hot like in the hot summer days when the were complaining about... the heat!)

Hiding the remote was childish, next time break the A/C ;)
Good luck.
Very funny, good to know more insight into the real pragmatician. Good to see the wild side.
Hey, don't worry too much about your image -you're pragmatic, not perfect! (Thank G-d, your blog would be so boring if you were...)

But as to the "fight"? Oish!!
actually i think that YOU overreacted, prag.

first of all, why'd you hide the remote? (you coulda broken the a/c like chasidishe shaigitz suggested)

second, if you saw that he was getting nervous, whyd you persist in teasing him? thats a plain ol mean and a terrible provocation.

third, once he started searching for it, he had the sensitivity not to open your desk drawers and risk messin up your papers.

fourth, you did not write or give over any sorta apology note to him-i am quite disappointed.

more later...

(and side point, if thats the exciting part of your day and life, well...come to the holy land...where even the libraries are louder than your playgrounds)
As long as you realize that it was a bit childish...

But this guy overreacted like crazy. That's just nuts.
Head over heel-He did apologize, but do you know these apologies that mean squat?
It was one like that.
I’m over it by now, Monday I think I’ll forgive him formally.

Lakewood venter-I’m back now! I guess it’s healthy to fall back into childhood even for a few minutes every now and then.

Mata- thanks, I didn’t’ think it was that terrible either. My guess is that he’s a hot head and good at hiding it.

Neil-Thank G-D I didn’t, for this who knows what he’d do to me.
I’m ok now, just left behind with a not-so-badly sprained thumb.

Kasmba- Thanks! What a relief.
Even a Pragmatician looses it sometimes, as you said yay for being human.

Stacey- Nice to read you again.
What’s LAMO short for?
That’s an idea, perhaps I’ll recommend that to my boss, the problem is that he’s sort of a teacher’s pet.
It’s true that we deserve some excitement occasionally:)
A frum- If I weren’t working in a frum office I’d ask to be transferred to the room where the women work.

It’s true about the swater and I rarely make a fuss about the cold as I’m pragmatic enough to handle it, that one day I wasn’t and boom!

Barbara-I’m really touched by your kind words, thank you.I’ve learned to kid around with this guy anymore that’s for sure.

Frumgirl-more of my bloopers to follow then:)

Chaverah- so true, everyday I sit in the freezing cold, with no air allowed in the room when it’s so beautiful outside and say nothing.
Just this once this guy couldn’t let me have it, what a jerk.
Thanks for the comment, It makes me feel better.

Sarah- It was meant as a joke on top of it.
Well as you say we’re just human.

Chasidishe- ha ha, exactly my thoughts and arguments!
Good idea, the problem is that there are cameras all over the place

Social- It’s a rare glimpse… take it while it’s there:)

Okee-It feels good to hear that, thanks

The sabra- a)The cameras!
b)I guess it is I just never dreamt he’d attack me for it.
c)Well as everyone said I’m just human too…

d)He he, I’d love to visit a library where I’d be allowed to talk!

Ezzie-I’m starting to wonder if he isn’t a little nuts, they’re known to be able to hide it very well.
Sounds like you seriously need some livening up in your office if that was a relief to your day.

I work in a rather pressurized enviroment yet we play practical joked on each other all the time and tease one another. This seems to ease the tensions that come between some of the more highly strung employees.

But hey, we are all allowed to have a bad day :)
Why must you share these stories with us..and tarnish you're pristine pragmatic image..?
As for as we're concerned you don't even exits in the flesh and blood world we call reality..
Exsem-I used to sit in a more fun part of the office, but I got downgraded to the biggest but most crowded room in the office unfortunately.
So now well, this is actually one the exciting moments.

David-Lol, I thought so, now I KNOW so.
I'll come up with a story soon that will return me to my former glory, check in soon!
Prag, we don't expect you to be perfect. :) nobody is. And whoever reads it should understand you're only human and you usually try to be your best.
LMAO = Laughing My umm..TUSH Off!
If I've learned one thing from this post, it's : DON'T MESS WITH PRAG!!!

Look, it happens to the best of us. You can't be expected to be pragmatic ALL the time. Think of this incident as the exception that proves the rule :-)

I think your actions are a good lesson is psychology and life.
We all have different sides to us – some we hardly ever allow out to see the light of day. It takes practice to use a side of us that is not used often, in a healthy way.
I think you should embrace that childishness that took a peek into your adult life. I think now that it has shown itself – it’s a part of you to cherish – and also to put to good use - to enhance your life…by being pragmatic – you can put it to the best use.
Yay for you!!!
You let yourself just.. go!
Now, that's the best feeling in the world...
I guess until you're grabbed by the throat.. LOL
But I know what you mean, I've done it before as well...
You should have knocked him out...

JK, sometimes things turn out a bit diffrent that we had planned, it was pragmatic to hide the remote, just not to start with someone with a temper.
my question is what lesson have you learned so that you move ahead in life?
LVNSM-thanks that’s a relief to hear.

Stacey-Aha, now I see:)

RR-you better not!
I like that point of view, and so I will think of it like that.

Love this insight, I’ll try t let it surface again, only in less hazardous company then.

Workingema-interestingly, the throat grabbing bothers me more now than at the moment itself.
It’s true though that while the sprained thumb isn’t, in a freaky way it’s a fun memory.

The real-I should’ve, I really should’ve, he deserved it.
Smart observation, had I known he had such a temper I’d had just brought my sweater that day.

DM-God question Dating Master, I’ve learned to allow myself to act a little immaturely at times, just in the right setting.
just commenting on what you wrote to WorkingE - the 'throat grabbing thing' would also bother me more in hindsight than at the time..
i wonder if it bothers the guy himself more in hindsight too..
it must be a bit embarressing for him to know you (and others) have this memory of him 'not in control' -
what say you?
TOWIK-I think he honestly feels bad about what happened but with that 'you started it' attitude.
In other words he'd do it again.

I think he's convinced himself that I am to blame, so in his eyes no one ought to look at him differently.
Poor guy...
men are so immature... :)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
an immature attitude..
well, his problem!
unless you can advise him pragmatically!
Anonymookie-It Seems we are, although what ensues because of that isn’t always hilarious.

TOWIK-.I’ll try once we’re on speaking terms again.

i want to know if u got a copy of the tape :)
His reaction was inappropriate. He should never have touched your person (especially below the waist!!)

I can appreciate that in that moment you probably acted on instinct, pushing him off.

I think your colleague needs some counseling in anger-management....with perhaps some discussion of his sexual identity. For any man to go that nuts over a remote tells me he's got some phallic issues.
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