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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Everyone is asking me, everyone needs to know, thank G-D people are so curious; at least since the WC there’s still one topic of conversation I can participate in.
Holiday plans? travel destination? Hotel? Apartment? Relatives? Where are you going this summer?
So much ado about nothing reminds of one of my first posts which no one read back then, so I count on you guys not to disappoint me again.
I still stand by my post, even though it was written over 11 months ago…

Vacation is supposed to be something you’re looking forward to, something you can't wait to have.

Yet I can't wait to be back from it.
People stress for weeks, if not months in advance, making plans, changing them, and then returning to the original plan, arguing and paying fortunes to get away.
If you ask me it's nothing less than some sort of illness that has ensnared almost everyone I know.

People seem to forget the three N's of vacation: No Alarm clock, No Stress and Need to Relax.
My ideal vacation would look like that: I'd move into my parent’s spacious apartment five blocks down, while they are away. And I'd do ,well, pretty much nothing, just unwind and enjoy the fact that I don't have to sit in front of a computer for 9 consecutive hours and taking orders all day long.
But the three N's are no longer a reality.

  1. No Alarm clock: Forget it!-Waking up early to catch a minyan before the flight leaves-Waking up early before the breakfast room closes-Waking up early 'cause the bus is leaving at 6:30 am to dodge traffic. Before I know its back to -Waking up early- to go to...Work
  2. No Stress: In my dreams (if I get any sleep, with the mosquitoes and all)-Three weeks of planning, booking, canceling, changing dates and using my lunch break to take care of all the aforementioned details.-Packing, running, realizing passport has expired and flight is delayed-Walking miles in huge airport, being stopped 51 times to show passport and boarding ticket, having foreign(clean???) hands rummage through private belongings in luggage.
  3. Need to Relax:” we didn't spend a fortune just to hang around the hotel"-Daily trip, usually two or three hours driving (getting lost on the road not incl.)-Reading a book only possible in the plane.-Believe it or not my Ipod just crashed.-Seeing you hard earned money spent on hangers, postcards and other useless souvenirs that won't be appreciated anyway...

But I'm being pragmatic about all this.First I calmly suggested we stay on deck this year, the response was sheer laughter.
Accepting that my counter attack had backfired, I just smiled and am going to go ahead with this tiring and needless trip.After all I’m the eccentric one. Which “normal” person would want to stay in the same city for the summer holidays?

It’s worse thinking about the fact that the only two weeks ‘till Sukkos, I could really relax if they would let me, is going to waste. When I come back I'll be exhausted from the long trip but the next day I’ll be back in front of my favourite flat-screen.I'll tell everyone how wonderful it was and how much we enjoyed it. I’ll smile before, during and (even brighter) after the trip.If we're going to go, why spoil it for the others.

It's the pragmatic thing to do...is it also the right thing?

I'm with you on this one - do you ever get a chance for a break you want?
anon-rarely and I really could use some really relaxing days.
So what are your plans this summer?
Stress comes along with everything. It doesn't have to but usually does. Good tips.
that was hilarious. cant say i agree (see my post about traveling :) but you gave me a good laugh. i actually have experienced those stressful non-vacations so.. i feel for you.. but there really are other options :)
i hear you. yes to plana vacation is stressful but once you are there it is sooo worth it.Sometimes I say we dont have to go anywhere but to just stay home and do nothing, Unfortunalty when you are homw its hard to block your mind from other responsibilities. so therefore you really need to go away to where ever that it.
Yes, it can be a lot of work getting ready for a trip, but it is usually worth it, especially if your attitude is in the right place. Take a few deep breaths and just enjoy it.
Socialworker-That’s so true, stress has gotta be the plague of the year 2000

Anonym00kie-Glad you liked it.
I’ll do my best to enjoy it, once the packing an traveling is over It’ll be ,nice.
So you’ve got the travel bug?

Chaverah-You’re right about that.
Once I get out of the last taxi the fun starts.
If I could just get rid of that little voice whispering” you still need to get back”…

I’ll try to enjoy it, I know it’s going to be fun once I’m’ there.
my plans for the summer fall into two catagories the real and the not so real!!
In reality it will be day camp, taking kids swimming, day trips and basically the same as the rest of the year as far as normal schedule goes - just maybe a little more chilled out.
The only way I will get through it is by viewing it not as a challenge but welcoming it as there is no point bitching about what I cant change.
What I will do is take a mini break but then I don't get to do the things I really crave (sleeping, reading) coz I'm always too busy touring enjoying the place I go away to.
Just a side note - if I do take a little time off there is always this little niggling guilt that I should be doing something else with the kids. Even though the little break recharges me and I am able to dive right back in with more positivity.
You're so right!!!
It makes you apprecaite being land-locked!
Deffinatley can be stressful.
Anon-What a healthy attitude to vacation and life in general.
It’s definitely better than to whine about it like I do, but I’m working on it.

You know what they say about well relaxed parents?
Although you’re anon it’s clear you’re Jewish with the guilt and all.

Without being selfish I believe in taking sole time for oneself when necessary.
Human batteries need recharging too.

Kasamba- It does!

Lvns-So it is, but I’m trying to enjoy anyway.
what happened - i missed a few of your posts -
at one point i kept checking and i saw no change - suddenly there are three i missed.!!
going to read now - lol
what happened - i missed a few of your posts -
at one point i kept checking and i saw no change - suddenly there are three i missed.!!
going to read now - lol
it's the right thing dear prag -

i think -sometimes -what makes something a 'vacation' is the change of scenery - that alone can be refreshing - even with all the hassle.
i'm like you somewhat - hate all the hassle and want to stay put - on the other hand - there are others to consider -
if you can put on a bright smile
kol hakavod!!!
Yes so can you help me get rid of this awful plague.
hey prag - you have time to rest when you retire. it's fun to travel and experience things. i'll admit though, it's nice when someone else does the planning.
I totally identify with this. Since having kids 4 years ago, I have never slept in past 8:00 AM. And vacations are always so busy running and doing.

Sometimes on my drive in to work, I consider calling in sick, checking into a hotel and just sleeping all day!!

This year I have planned a beach vacation. We are flying to FL and rented a beach house and I just want to veg out!!
Ya know, my mother always says she needs a vacation to recover from a vacation...but try thinking of it not as an oppurtunity to sleep and do nothing, per se', but as a change of pace- a change of scenery- a change of attitude. Those changes are what makes vacations so desirable, cause then we'll appreciate our lives more, and if not, at least we'll get a break from them!

Just don't ask me what I'm doing this summer...I'm still deciding, uh, which job to accept...apply for...uhhhh.....and hopefully the decision process (and application, resume, interview process) won't last till august, cause then i'm starting law school! B'ezras Hashem:) Oish- forget it!
TOWIK-I can and I will smile and even enjoy… after we’ve arrived at our destination.
And even more so once we’re back home.
It’s the best feeling in the world, coming back home after being away.

Social- will blogging about it help?

Mata Hari-true the planning is the most annoying.
But B’H we’re keeping it’s relatively simple this year.
So the planning is pretty much over already. There’s still plenty to do though.

Stacey-So good to find someone who understands.
This idea about the hotel isn’t such a bad one.
Florida is one my favorite vacation places it’s just so beautiful there. I’m sure you going to enjoy.
Is Disney on the palnning?
Hope you’ll get some much deserved rest.

Okee-It’s a good way to look at it; it’s true that it’ll do me good to have a different view than the one at work.
Yet I can’t help but think that vacations are made to relax, not to become Indian Jones wannabees.
Thanks for the tip tough.
It is a healthy attitude to take it in ones stride - I wasn't always like that and still have the struggle to be like that when it is vacation time - but if it is going to happen anyway I might as well accept it for what it is and make the most of it.
Of course you are right to take some time out is not selfish it is a necessity to function as a better parent/spouse.
There are vacations and there are vacations.
Some vacations are..to see things..those are usually the stressful ones
Other vacations are just to chill...on a mountain retreat..in beach side villa...
my parents finally realised a couple of years back, that all those stressful summer hols could be avoided by taking a villa with a pool somewhere hot, and just relaxing for a couple of weeks. Granted, you do have to take all the food away with u, if you like getting away from all the jews, like us...
whoever wants to can sleep as much as they want
whoever wants to can go out for the day
whoever wants food, can make it themselves
whoever wants to sit by the pool/swim/relax can do that...

and we've never looked back!!
wotever you all end up doing- hope you enjoy it and lechaim u'leshalom!
Anon-I think I’m going to try and imitate you, if I can…

David- I want nr.2!!

Student- I love the idea, I’ve heard families from who do/did that and indeed more relaxing is hardly imaginable.
It probably ends up costing less too.
The only downer then would be the food, part of enjoying for me is having a good lunch and supper every day.
This could be helped by brining a cook along :)
prag if you are bringing a cook along you'll need a babysitter and maid unless she can do all three!!

here's an idea if you can do it - go away with the fam give them what they want (or think they want) and after a few days back go away for a few days alone! That way you see a light at the end of the tunnel.
i will GLADLY trade you a few weeks in my annoyingly upstate ny house for some city time within walking distance of a shul, kosher eateries, kosher shopping.... getting back to the city that i wanted to leave would be, however ironic, the perfect vacation (other than backpacking through random places i haven't yet visited.)
anon-I was kidding, if I'm going to go anywhere I want to be with the family,I'd rather not have strangers along.

Bec-I love NY, planning a vsiit there sometime, and where I live you have all the Shuls (Stamar, Belz, Modern,etc...) and kosher food you could ever want.
WHar are your plans?
since passing my teenage yeard I never understod the idea od going to a bunglalow colony for summer vacation, I mean why would anyone in their right mind want to spend their vacation on the top of some mountain surrounded by nothing, living in a little shack called a bungalow in a musquito infested and lets not forget mud stricken bungalow colony? Oh sorry and I must habe forgotten to mention all the kids running around making everyone meshugeh!

my new idea of vacation is staying home while the rest of the family and city packs up and out and me having my own house for myself with true peace and quiet and nobody on top of my head... now thats vacation.
Chasidishe-a Miracle just happened, somone agrees wiht my idea of an ideal vacation!!
As you acn see most Bloggers tend to lecture me on this!
Thank you!
I hear you, vacationing can be stressful in and of itself.

I like to think that it is wonderful just to change my environment.

We are going to Israel in August. Most people say, why go, especially now with all of the fighting? To me, if we waited for peace, I would never make this trip. The implication is that will this not be stressful, how can you call it a vacation? My response: I could I not, and what better time to go!

Thanks for the great tips!
Of course that's a start! Then what?
No, we are not going to Disney. (That will be for next year...when my girls are a little older).

I have not planned one thing for this trip! Just lots seaside walks at sunset. And lots of sleeping and relaxing under the sun.

However, we won't be far from Cape Canaveral and there's a chance the Space Shuttle will land while I'm in FL, so I will definitely head over there to watch that! I would never miss that opportunity!
Barbara-It’s true that there is something to see other places, all the while relaxing though:)
Is it your first time?

Social-well you could drop your little one off by grand parents or a day camp etc…
Take some well deserved vacation and sleep, read watch TV and enjoy!
Let the stress slide off.
Oh and read the J blogs.

Stacey-Next year’s perhaps a better idea.
And I like the way you look at vacation time.
Seeing a shuttle land is indeed a an opportunity, write about it if you get to see it.
kol yom sh'ani b'aretz-zeh chofesh bishvili
Thanks I do all of that already and still have stress.
ugh. Wherever you choose for your vacation, just make sure it's not somewhere you'll regret. Then again, coming home from one of those always makes you be glad to be back..:P
The sabra-Wow that’s so cool, awhole year long that feels like vacation.
Why am I still living here?

Social-Hmm that’s too much stress, make sure to keep a check on your blood pressure, that’s very important.

Eshet Chayil-True, coming home is the best part of any vacation for me!
Nice to see you around.
DM-Hey how've you been?
Hope you'll get a nice break as well.
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