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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Writing with music in the background! It’s Lag Ba'Omer!

I don’t get away much. But when I do, boy do I appreciate and enjoy it a lot. Even more so when no airports, planes and overweighed luggage come into play.
To my Israeli readers: I love to visit, but the schlep is just too great. I understand thee need for extensive security measures, I understand airport personnel expect everyone to be fluent in Hebrew and with some effort can even understand being held up by a police woman after I thought I had passed all the ‘tests’, mechanical and human ones
I can, but well that spoils it for me.

I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone for your very supportive messages about my move. It’s not over yet, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

My favorite books, my computer, my board games (come’on who doesn’t enjoy a nice game of pictionary or monopoly?) are all wrapped up in wrongly labeled boxes which under no circumstances I wish to open until they’re moved to the new place.All I'm left with is a Calvin&Hobbes book which was left in the trunk of the car, and my DVD player.

Watching TV/ DVD is pretty much all I do after work and learning lately.
Not proud of it yet not ashamed either..
I would be hypocritical trying to make you believe I zap exclusively to educational channels and CNN, and I don’t want to be.
I basically burn precious time away every evening with not a guilty bone in my body to be found.
I watch a lot of entertainment shows, I try not to miss a single episode of "Desperate housewives" and "Lost" can be a reason to stay in rather than to go out.
When trying to count all the hours spent in front of the ‘tumene kestel”(impure box) as my school Rebbi’s euphemized it, I get somewhat sad.
A couple of years ago I was learning with someone who now I see had a tremendous influence on me.
Spontaneously from one day to the next I chose not to watch TV anymore.
It didn’t go gradually like one would expect when breaking a habit, it was from everyday to no day at all.
When reminiscing, I can’t image how I did it.
How from being a light TV addict I became the biggest anti TV frummie.
I didn’t watch, nor to be honest lest anyone here think I overcame a humongous challenge, had a particular urge to, for a year and a half.
I just felt it was not interesting, not worth my time that was probably used for much more productive ends.

I wonder if I should try that again but .....
The problem is, I can’t remember what drove me then and what on earth I was doing with all my spare time?
I can’t pinpoint the reason and the moment I started to watch again either.

I’ve had this amazing experience and now I can’t even use it as a tool for further growing…

I'm no Rabbi, but I always thought you had to wait until the day after Lag Baomer, or maybe after chatzos (Noon) or something like that to listen to music etc...
I'm not sure but I think you're confusing with eating meat after the 9 days.
I am happy you are back in the world of music
ps I am confused. are you making aliya?
my must-see show is grey's anatomy.
i try not to watch much tv, but a little bit now and then is relaxing.
it's nice that you play board games - i should do that more. i like taboo.
p.s. - i responded to your comment on my post.

I don't think TV is the root of all evil- sure, most of it is junk, but there are times when you just need to unwind with some mindless entertainment. Nothing wrong with that.

Isn't "Desperate Housewives" fun? I watch it when I remember it's on. I didn't think I would like it, but it's so sinfully silly!
I also get the feeling you are making aliyah....

Sorry you feel like you moved back a step but that doesnt mean you cant grow from it!
The Israeli security is abit much isn't it? Hope the move goes well!
But, if you have to burn time then Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy is a great way to go!
everyone's entitled to a little rest and recreation - there's lots worse things you could be doing!!
(or should we be saying preachy things to you like bitul zman?) If this is the right balance for you at the moment, then just enjoy.
missed you prag.
I find it easy to get off the TV when there's other things to do, or better yet, when there's none around.
ohhh! I love Monopoly! Yeah, why dont we all play board games anymore?? It seems our world has been invaded by X-boxes...
sometimes you need to veg out. i dont get to watch much these days, but greys anatomy is a great vegetater
Someone at work, who is Orthodox and has small children was explaining Lag Ba'Omer to me. It sounds so exhilirating, with the fires, bows and arrows, and roasting marshmellows, from what she said!

Enjoy the music.
all in moderation... a bit of tv isn't a bad thing, just choose your shows carefully!
TV! very addictive. Once you start you cant stop! at first you just glance, then look, then start on a few shows, then its noone talk or move i need to see this!
Dm-thanks for saying hi
No Aliyah (yet), I just meant that I love to visit Israel but the trip is so unpleasant that I always have to think twice before coming.

Mata –I like that show too but not enough o stay at home for if you know what I mean.
I love taboo too(played that a lot recently), if you ever find a online version of this game I’d love to play!

RR-It can be destructive, but I think I use it wisely(well I mean I know my limits).
DH is a great show for me as it’s on of the rare TV shows my wife and I both enjoy a lot.
For e.g. I like ‘Dead Like me’, while she can’t stay through 10 minutes of that show.

Frumgirl-I can a little, the knowledge that once I did it is encouraging.

Kasamba-B’H we’re somewhere already although not there yet.
I see Grey’s is quite popular in J blogland.

Jemima3-oh please no preaching, I know that TV is not the most productive pastime and perhaps I’ll work on that.
Indeed as you say there is worse than enjoying Ross and Rachel bickering (again) in friends and it does really relax me.
What shows do you enjoy?

Eshet-I’ll try to post more often.

Nemo-Exactly, before my move, while I didn’t live a TV free life, I did have other occupations.
Getting rid f it might backfire, I know people who refuse to own a TV but they spent their evenings by neighbors and family who do have one, thereby disrupting their polite neighbors and not being home with their spouse.

Shop-I agree board games are les violent (if at all) and certainly stimulate the mind d(trivial pursuit, taboo) and you should see a grown up getting nervous over losing $1000 dollars, it’s too much fun.
If you want to play on an occasion we could play on Games.com
I love stuff like desperate housewives, 24, and the apprentice (british style). I also watched every single episode of 'everybody loves raymond' but I think I'm the only person in this country who's even heard of it.
Come over and tell me what you would do if I was your house-guest.
RBR-Grey sure seems popular!
Thanks for stopping by.

Barbara-I didn’t do much Lag B’aomer but we had a small barbecue.

Sarah-I try to watch things that have some value, at the very least it should be funny.

Chaverah-This is one of the problems, when I watch I’m totally absorbed and not a very good listener.

Jemima-Which country is that? I can sit through an ep of ELR, but not a huge fan.
The problem with Lost is if you miss episodes, it seems pretty hard to catch up. I tried but lost interest. Desparate Housewives bored me to tears this season so I dropped that also. Grey's Anatomy and 24. 24 is riveting to me which is so funny as I hate action shows. Grey's is right up my alley and the finale was quite the heartbreaker. Loved it. Don't sweat watching TV as long as it's not completely deterring you from doing more important things.
Like everything..else..it has it's place...
Personally..after a loing day of work..I like to unwind...but it has to be really interesting to keep me from dozing off...
What do you mean an online version? I'm coming over.
re staying home for a show - of course not. that's what the vcr is for.
The jetlag without the travel.

I used to be a moderate TV viewer, sports, a show here and there, if I was really bored a late night movie. Now I rarely turn it on even in Hotels.

For me it was better things to do, then it was saying that its bad for you, which I knew in the first place.
Prag - We quit watching the TV for a whole year when my son was in the 10th grade. He started reading more and we decided to not get the TV fixed. I used my time better, but I did spend more time on the computer. I think I like the noise more than anything. I will be working in the other room and I can hear the voices on the TV. I also like to listen to talk radio, with Rush, Shawn Hannity, and Michael Savage. I will also listen to church talks and light classical music.

Hope your move goes well. Have fun unpacking the boxes...Yeck!
I'm really glad that I don't have a tv anymore, but darn it, I spend so much time in front of the computer I'm not sure its a wash.
ive tried cutting out tv but then i just end up on the computer more, not sure which is worse honestly!
personally i love Lost and greys anatomy and i DO stay home for both! my other favorite is the amazing race, but they just ended (yay hippies!).
i think when it comes to things like this, the key is to go at it at your own pace, whatever you feel you can handle (and that can change periodically - both up and down) - as long as in your mind you keep your focus right. if you start to justify what youre doing, and accepting it, and worse convincing yourself its ok, then youre in trouble. i tell myself that tv isnt good for me - i know because ive lived addicted to it & lived without it and i KNOW the difference - but i tell myself that at this point in my life these are the cicumstances, this is where im holding, and my focus continues to be on growing and hopefully eventually filling my life up with a million other things that are more alluring than tv!
Prag ... do explain: "I love to visit Israel but the trip is so unpleasant that I always have to think twice before coming."
My entire wonderful time in Israel two summers ago was bookended by the most annoyingly retarded airport experiences ever, so much so that I wanted to sue Ben Gurion and own Israel (just kidding).
Is it the whole trip that you're like "blah" about, or like me, that it's just the airport that stinks?
Oh, and b.t.w. ... I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. For me, it's the only watchable thing on the "tumene kestel." Although if I had to not watch it for whatever reason, broken tv, etc ... I'm sure I'd eventually get over it.
Although when there's good stuff on Channel 13 or the other PBS channel, that's cool too.
Swift-I try to get everything for the day done before I sit down and enjoy a good show or movie. Thanks for the reassurance :)

David-I agree it has one, a low priority one and if it’s to help you doze off than that is it’s place in your situation.
: )
Mata Hari-You’re welcome, any time

The real-The thing is that sometimes in the evening I can’t come up with some better things to that are this easy.

Lucy-Un packing actually seems like fun (we’ll talk again in a couple of weeks I bet)
I believe that reading, playing games etc are certainly are better education wise, good move.

Amishav-That depends if blogging is considered constructive or not : )

Anonym00kie-I guess you have a healthy attitude about this, if you’re gonna watch TV at least enjoy it fully.
Thanks for visiting.

Erica-Well I just mean that the trip itself wasn’t so pleasant but that being in Israel is too great for words.
So you heard that synonym for TV as well?
HI Prag!
I can see you're busy
I assume that TV watching is an 'escape' -
each one of us escapes somewhere -
some of us blog - to unwind or escape - lol
no matter - sometimes it is necessary -
I was at a levaya today -
when in the presence of death, though - one rethinks - and is inspired not to waste time (ummm - i'm blogging now.....so.....lol)
but serioulsy -it changes one's perspective - even if for a short while
gives you an insight into the fragility of life and importance of each moment.
Make each moment countin the best way you can
For some odd reason, I only feel a little guilty about watching tv when I'm not actually watching it...

Lost rocks the world. I bought nearly half of last season on itunes to catch up, and i get to watch this past season during summer break! yay!
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