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Monday, May 08, 2006


Pragmatic no longer

I apologize for having neglected this blog for as long as I did.
And for failing to read the greats posts floating on J-blogs and adding my two inquisitive and pragmatic cents.

For those of you who picture me as a composed person, who manages to remain calm in the face of awkward and unpleasant situations, that person who tells others not to get all hysterical and panicky, well then you’ve got it right.
Unfortunately I myself am unable to see myself like that anymore.

I’ve never had to be part of a serious move before, and albeit a lousy excuse, it’s still the best one I can come with for my attitude and behaviour during them move.
If I ever needed a Pragmatician PHD by my side it was then...
I got nervous, paranoid and depressed.
Three elements totally ruinous for a Pragmatician.

A soon as one box was filled with the –where and why the hell

did we get this thing- stuff , I looked around to bask in the bareness of the drawer we emptied only to get the impression the room seemed to contain more stuff it did before we started packing.
I swore, cursed and yelled.
Three more characteristics of a Non-Pragmatician.

Thinking of the approaching day of the actual move I got more and more depressed thinking it would never get done.
As a last resort I appealed to friends to help with packing and schlepping.
Since I’m blessed with such great and mostly extremely busy friends, they all had something way more important to do than helping out (guess who won’t get an invitation for Shabbes in my new place)
Vindictiveness, not befitting a Pragmatician.

I cried, I yelled some more and breathed a loud sigh of relief when it seemed the work was over.
The good thing was that I got to experience that wonderful feeling of relief twice cause it dawned on me that the kitchen which had two refrigerators and 1 freezer still needed emptying and cleaning.
I rolled my eyes, asked ‘why me’? and ate as much as I could.
I’m just grateful (Pragmatics slowly finding its way back) no one was around to film me, this episode would damage my reputation immensely.
Although to be honest sometimes I wonder if anyone really notices that I’m "The Pragmatician" (perhaps one day PHD)?

PS. Define Irony: The word ‘blog’ is correct by Blogger’s dictionary.

On the odd occasion it's ok NOT to be cool, calm and composed!!

welcome back :)

hope the move went well and that you are settling in peacefully and without any trouble.
wow, now you've got me panicked. I'm moving soon and I've been really excited about it (the fact that we've sold our house and haven't yet found a new one is just a minor detail!)
Gosh, sounds like an experiance! lol
I Would not be able to handle moving. I HATE packing, I'd leave it to the last minute and then dump e/t into one lage massive box and that would be all I'd take! lol

now you have the job of unpacking...

Welcome back, I hope your new place bring you much brocha v'hatzlocha.
I am so relieved to have you back!!!
You're pragmatic, you'll be fine!!!
Hope your new home brings you great Mazal!
Well, I'm sure that in no time, you'll be back to your pragmatic self. Moving can make the strongest man cry.
Welcome back.
Prag - I'm glad you wrote this. Having gone through a move recently myself, I can say that it's a very time consuming, overwhelming event. Everything always seems so much easier when other people do it - probably because they're just not talking about it. You feel stupid making a fuss and think you should be handling it with aplomb. So thanks for sharing. I wish you a lot of mazel in your new abode.
We are all human and have our weak times...

You were missed.
Welcome back.
Wishing you the best of luck in your new home!
Moving is one of life's most stressful experiences - I am sure even a Pragmatician, PhD would have some problems.

Thanks for the link, btw!
Welcome back!

Shoshana beat me to it- I was going to say that moving has been documented as one of life's most stressful experiences. At least the worst part is over, right? I've been there, and I can sympathize.

This line made me laugh:

"I rolled my eyes, asked ‘why me’? and ate as much as I could."

Well, that's one way to empty the fridges/freezer!

By the way, you're right- we DO see you as someone very calm and composed!
Having gone thru the same thing trying to get my married brothers stuff out of the house, I know how you felt.

Welcome back.
Dont judge yourself so harshly... we all succumb to being human under pressure. Things are settling down now and you will see that you are the same pragmatician :-)
I was one of your first readers and I dont get a link. Sheesh...
You're givin' me the willies. I just found out that I've got to move in a month. After reading your post, I'm not too excited.
Sarah-thanks for the welcoming, it’s better now B’H although not completely over.

Jemima- Since I’ve reclaimed my pragmatic status I urge you not to panic.:)
Well maybe you should a little it sure helped things move forward in my case.
Are you at least organized and prepared?
Now that most of the workis behind me I’m quite excited too so hang on to this feeling

Unpacking seems like fun now, let’s see if I wills till feel this way one I get to it.

Kasamba-Yeah I’m ok now; glad to be back too and thanks for waiting so patiently for my return

Eshet-It’s slowly coming back to me


Mata Hari-thanks for the words of comfort, it’s true that people like to make others believe that all they do goes smoothly, which is detrimental to other’s self esteem sometimes.

Ex sem-thanks for the welcoming

Genedy-Thanks and I hope you’ll start writing your idioms again one day.

Shoshana-Probably a PhD would indeed crumble as well.

RR-That’s great to hear, since no one blogged about it yet I felt sort of helpless, now I see it’s just normal.
Even if the image of the composed Pragmatician has been shattered, I’m glad I wrote this post.

The real me-Thanks for the welcome
Frumgirl-well I’m starting to go easier on myself , thanks

Shevy-I checked out who has commented in the last 5 posts and linked to those blogs.
But you’re right so consider this unfairness fixed!

Amishav-Sorry didn’t mean to cause anxiety, if you organize yourself better than I did, or better yet if you find others to do the work, you should be fine.
I´ve just been through the same (but you know that). The thing with a move is that if feels like an extreme situation and you can´t be your normal self. You find yourself being all the things you could not imagine to be and the worst for me was the feeling weak.

But now it is over and you can enjoy the new house and I am sure all the stress was worth it!

Mazal tov on the new home and I am glad you are back!
I went thru it a year ago...
it was so exciting..a new house!

As for your being the Prag....well...thats the idealized version of you...
Awww Prag, you are only human!! It's a fact -- moving sucks!

I hate moving. It can get overwhelming.....it always seems that the more you pack, the more there IS to pack!

But it's over and you survived. Mazel tov on your new home!
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all i could say is welcome back prag! i think the reason why you suffered so is because you stopped blogging and couldnt express yourself in words :). Now you are back writing you have come back to your pragmatic self! thank goodness!
If anyone moves without any kind of bad words coming out of their mouth than they are not human.
emanual, actually not. that person just has mastered great self-control.
Welcome back Prag -- from someone who has moved 6 times, I know where you're coming from. But it's all life experience and you will always look back on it. Enjoy the moment.
Welcome back. I was out of commission for a bit as you commented, but I think your excuse was better than mine! See you around the blogosphere!
My husband says that we are never moving again. I am purging all kinds of Old stuff right now. I went thru our file cabinet and threw away items in two drawers of the four drawer cabinet. It's amazing what I had filed away.

Glad your move is over. Welcome back.

Hey! Why am i not on your blogroll? :-(
Michelle- why am I not on YOURS?
Hey Prag, my friend! So nice to have you back. I'm sure you weren't as nasty as you describe or felt. Everybody gets cranky sometimes. I hope you like your new place!
SOunds as if this was a difficult experience for you.

The good thing I have learned about each experience, and each day, is that it will change. All things come to pass in one way or another. Nothing is forever.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hey Prag, welcome back!!

Mazel tov on your move, and remember: avoid spoiled milk and moldy bread when eating your way through moving misery ;)
p.s. how would one even make a list of links...?
Thank you so much for your support everyone!

Okee-the best way to have a links list on a blog is using the free services of http://blogrolling.com/
I can very much relate to your frustrations about moving. It is quite difficult and upsets the status quo. Turns it upside down, actually.
I hate moving. I hate moving. I hate moving. Did I say I hate moving? We lived in our house for 20 years, had to sell it, and now have been renting for 2.33 years. There are 12 boxes I have still not unpacked! In my mind, this is temporary; the next move I intended to make, is back to Israel. However it might not work out quite that way...
yuck. moving is such a pain in the you know what. good luck!
Di Pragmeister ... vos machstu?! It was such a mechiyeh to have a comment from you seemingly every morning ... remember one time I beat you to it?
Well, I'm glad you're back and iyh settled down and, uh, pragmatic again.
Dumb question though ... did you make aliyah? Unless I read your post wrong
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