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Monday, May 01, 2006


Not quitting just yet

I haven’t given up on blogging, it’s just that I’ve been unusually busy lately plus my home computer being in a moving box doesn’t help.
The Pragmatician will be back soon IY’H.

Phew! Had me getting nervous there ;) Looking forward to your blog return.

Good luck with the move.
Good luck with your move - I know what a stressful experience it can be. Looking forward to reading you more when you have more time :)
all the best with your move!

will await your return to blogging :)
tap tap tap... (is he back yet?)

tap tap tap...

Congrats on your new move. Come back soon!!
Well I just got started and you are leaving? Good luck come visit my blog.
Best of luck with the move. Hope it's a happy one for you. (I'm also moving shortly so please pass on any tips for a hassle free move)
We miss you!!!
Thanks for updating us... come back quickly!
Thanks for the info.

ok I will wait patiently......... Hurry up already!!!!!!!!
Well, you really ought to get your priorities straight don't you think? Moving? Dealing with reality. Please. Blogging is more important than any of that.

Good luck- I'm gonna be in your shoes in a month or so.
Prag! Dude ... I was *scared* and considering doing something drastic, like looking for you.
I tagged you bro (like a week and a half ago, some dorky meme crap), so you better get back soon, ya heah?
Nu, are you moving someplace nice?
Well, as vracha v'haztlacha ...
Heh - and here, I thought you stopped just because I started coming. ;)
Glad to see that you did not "bite the dust."

Hope to see you back posting more soon.
Prag, where are you?????
I don't feel validated as a cyber human until you comment on my blog!!!!
PLUS you missed my post about Pesach in a hotel!!!


Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?

Does anyone else hear an echo?
Don't stay gone long. What do you mean you don't like tomatoes? There's nothing like a tomato fresh out of the garden....Yummm
Q. what's big, red and eats rocks?

A. The Big Red Rock Eater

Thanks for the info, I started to worry...
Congrats on your new home and please be back soon!
lf to having you back soon - you are an impt community member after all! lol
You are missed. Noone else around to give the pragmatic view on e/t...
Make sure you label everything...moving can be even more stressful when you don't know what's in every box. (I seem to always be the last comment on your blog these days...I'm way behind)
Thank you so much for your support everyone!

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