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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Don’t you hate naggers?
Nagging people get on your nerves, don’t they?
They just never stop nagging and complaining…
They are too unpragmatic about things.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do about my daughter” she groans.
“How am I to take care of this problem”? they mutter.
“I wish he’d stop complaining about his job everyday” I hear him.

I wish people would nag someone else.
I want them to quite nagging.
Why can’t they see the good side of things?
Why did I happen to meet them just today?

OMG I'm nagging you, aren't I?

nagging is the worst
I am one of those naggers oh no.
Naggers are the people with whom you hold a conversation with the phone positioned a foot away from your ear, as you roll your eyes and continue to read the daily paper!
Well, I must be honest and plead guilty as charged.

According to my husband, I could be a professional nagger. He even joked once and said, that we would have to be buried next to each other, so that the nagging could continue into the next world.

One person's nagging may be another's perserverience. I have noticed that this generation is not so savy, nor understanding, when it comes to the art of nagging. Just my two cents.
there is a way to 'nag' without being a pest, it's when one becomes annoying that's the prob.
Naggers have a knack of finding the people that listen to them...
If someone would turn to them once awhile..and thell them to quit nagging..
maybe they would...

wishful thinking
You are not nagging, you are Kvetching. What I hate is kvitching.
Negative people are so draining.
Nagging AND Kvetching is a natural part of being Jewish. What can you do.
YY-long time no see, welcome.

Social/frus-I didn’t mean you. On blog you really don’t sounds so bad.

TOWIK- Been there done that:)

Barbara- at least your nagging is intelligent and intellectual.
That a lot easier to listen too.

Sarah- I agree nagging in proper dosages can be bearable

David-You’re absolutely right, but naggers are often decent nice people, it’s hard to blow them off.
LOL! Nagging about naggers and kvetching about kvetchers.

Hey I Imagine we all nagg here and there, as long as we nag about our own issues, Oy but when people start nagging about others peoples problems...

I found this rather interesting, did not make it up: on Onelook.com

"Quick definitions (nagger)

noun: someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault"

Espcially a woman? I'll be quiet now :x
Lvns-Nice to see you again here

Amishav-I would’ve said they’re synonyms but this explanations I even better.

Stacey- I agree they are, but on occasion I think it’s ok to be, as long as it’s not someone’s personality.

Nemo- I guess you’re right, that explains why I meet so many naggers :)

Chasidishe S-Thanks for that very accurate definition.
Oops did I say too much?
I know you didn't mean me.lol
I just read your Shavuos post first, now this one... well, your Shavuos post was nagging, lol.

Oh yeah- naggers, whiners, complainers, kvetchers- they all suck the energy right out of me. I try not to be like that- and my dear husband is always ready to point out to me when I am :-)
Hello sweetest Prag! This post was so funny. I felt guilty from the first line. hehe I'm going to make a conscious decision not to complain so much! Did you know that according to psychology, complaining, gossiping and feeling guilty are wasted emotions? Guilt is good for making us recognize behavior in ourselves which is not good but if we keep on with the negative behavior, then there is no use feeling guilty, is there? Also, instead of complaining, we should try to find solutions or make peace if we can't find one. Sounds incredibly difficult, huh??
Goldielox-It does sounds hard, but it's worth the effort I think!
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