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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Pessach Fun

Remember, if you find a morsel of bread, cookie, no doubt it’s pure chamets thing during Pessach even if you worked like a maniac to rid your house of anything of the kind, no need to call Hatzohlah the firemen and an ambulance.
Just go to your local Rav and ask how to proceed.
I think you have to wrap it in, put it aside and burn it on Chol Hamoed (intermediary days), though I’m not sure as the last time this happened in a place I was, let’s just say blog weren’t around then.

A few years ago I found a non Kosher lePessach candy (not real chamets) in my coat and totally freaked out about it, panic and hysteria ensued, what to do??

As I said I’m not sure anymore what is suppose to be done exactly but I do recall it was pretty simple and it does NOT mean all he work was for nothing.

A few places and things one might forget:
1) Pockets of coats and overcoats, trousers...
2) Shaking out books (if like me you can’t sit and read unless you’re crunching something in your teeth).
3) The car trunk, if you’re gonna use it Pessach, you should remove cans of Coca Cola etc…
4) Children’s toy boxes
5) The storage box in Shul.
6) Schoolbags, suitcases, purses etc…
7) The computers’ keyboard could be full of crumbs.
8) Empty your vacuum cleaner.
9) Stuff hidden in the freezer
10) New toothbrushes and special toothpaste
11)Get rid of your garbages that may contain chamets items.

To my non Jewish fiends reading my blog, I realize this all sounds a little crazy and all I can say is that it actually is, but when you’re raised with this well it’s just another great Pessach!

I cleaned the freezer yesterday and had no idea how much stuff was actually in there. What are those frozen items doing in there- multiplying??

Yes, this frantic cleaning must look crazy to those not brought up this way. Hey, sometimes it feels crazy to me, too!

Chag Sameach!
When I was a kid I once found a bread roll in a rucksack on Pesach - cleaning out the bags was the only thing I had been asked to do! I just stuffed it back and said nothing 'cos I knew I would get killed! Wishing you a Kosheren Pesach.
R’anana-Yeah it does look crazy but it’s part of what we do :)
I’m glad you have that freezer thing behind you already, perhaps you should empty it one every three month thus avoiding a huge job right before Pessach.

Jemima3-smart handling, there isn’t much that can be done at that point and you didn’t get in trouble.
I just hope you didn’t eat afterwards.
Have a Chag Kasher V'Sameach, and a wonderful yom tov!
thanks Shop, enjoy, is Heart and Sole open on Chol Hamoed?
Excellent list. Have a great yom tov
Thanks so much for the list! Chag Kosher Vesamayach!
Here comes a huge confession: when I was about 8 years old I went to play at my Italien friend one afternoon during Chol Hamoed. Her mom gave us cookies, not aware of Pessach or not even knowing what it is. I ate them, just forgot it was Pessach. When I had it in my mouth I suddenly remembered. I didn´t know what to do. I was never ever in my life more scared than right that moment. I thought I would get bubbles on my arms now or even worse go blind. I sat around, didn´t want to go home, didn´t know what to do and was horrified to tell my parents, I wasn´t so much afraid of their reaction than of Hashem´s reaction. I counted to receive the most horrible punishment from him. I can´t remember how it ended, I guess my mom found out about it by my weird behaviour and calmed me down. I just remember it as my worst childhood memory.
Have a blessed Chag Semeach and a wonderful Yom Tov.

My personal wish, is that there be peace for all Jews in Israel.
good list!

have a chag kasher VeSameach :)
I had lots of crumbs at the bottom of my teaching bag. I think a teabag exploded one day. So, all my coins were coated in tea bag crumbs. I had to remove everything from the bag, which was actually a good opportunity for me to clean out all the lose papers and other garbage that I pop in and forget to remove (the joys of having alarge bag!)
Thanks for the list,I just added a reminder on my computer to clean the keyboard and to do a computer chametz scan:)

Have a happy and kosher passover!
The books are the worst part!
There is something 'nightmarish' about seeing one of my children - 'EATING' and reading at the same time. It could even be ON Pesach - I'm like - Pleeease don't eat on top of the book - I might not recognize those little brown crumbs as Matzo, when I do the cleaning next year!

Of course this goes on all year - from the day that pesach is over!

Before Pesach it's like - Scratch the pages with a knife - scrub those little yellow marks with bleach LOL - by some miracle - we can still read the words when the cleaning's done! OISH! (okay - I exaggerated - but it was fun)

Have a chag kasher vsameach
See you after!
I thought us Catholics had the monopoly on Mortal fear in our faith but i think you guys have it much worse Prag.Hopefully you can navigate through this process without any more scares.I think you are a fantastic teacher to people outwith your faith of your religion.Your an interesting man my son.
IVNS2M7-glad you liked the list

FFS-you’re welcome

Mia-Poor thing I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt.
Good thing you mother knew how to calm you at that time.



Rebecca-I don’t think tea is a catastrophe but at least you got it cleaned.

Chasidishe- That would be a great invention! It would ease the minds of many households.

Theonlyway-It’s not a terrible idea, reading without eating, it doesn’t have to be a hard habit.
Sure will make Pessach cleaning a little easier.
A kusheren Pesach

Patt-I guess every religion ha his perks ;)
Old, old tale...
the 4 sons...
I try not to think about it, maybe the bread crumbs will go away, walking walking.
Yes, yes the good old cleaning....remember we should get Gold in that. Chag Sameach!!!
Prag, I always learn something new from you.
Hoping you had a good yom tov.

Good Shabbos to you.
got any ideas how we get rid of all that Pesach shmaltz we put on?
Dm-Hi long time no see here!
Well you could make spaghetti and use that as sauce, it's not as bad as it sound!
How was Pessach for you?
OK. this is weird. I'm sure I commented on this post. Maybe it didnt save? Anyway...Now I don't know what to say because the EZ off burns on my hands have gone away.
we are waiting for a new blog..............
Hey Prag- hope you had a great pesach!
Now that its all over, it dosent feel like it was that hard.

Time to start making cheese cakes.
I know it's somewhat 'after the fact', but if one finds a piece of chametz during Yom Tov, one is to cover it with something & leave it there until chol ha-moed, when one burns it. It was included in the 'kol chamira' and declared null & void in bitul chametz before Pesach, anyway.
In other matters, I read with interest what Mia wrote; had a similar experience as a child; had a non-Jewish childhood friend, went upstairs to her apt. during Pesach, she offered me a bagel and, forgetting it was Pesach, bit into it. Suddenly I realized what I had done, and, horrified, spat it out and hurriedly left. My friend apologized, but it wasn't her fault. It was my parents' for not teaching me better, and mine for not learning what I was taught.
tag, you're it.
prag...we want a new post. is this one going to be up until next pesach? :D
Hello Prag!!!!
I hope you had a fabulous Pesach!!!!!
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