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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Linking to,is easier than writing myself

I have a few choice words for those responsible for the riots , but I wonder if it's possible they were told something that wasn't true, like for e.g. that the man was beaten for no reason at all?

I agree with
Rabbi Yakov Horowitz (on orhtomom’s blog)
And with
Harry Maryles

But I urge you to read I'm Haaretz, Ph.D’s view on this issue as well.

After that head to The Knish to unwind.

Hvaing read your links Prag,I find that the bloggers comments cover lots of questions that could have been asked about the situation.They also cover various differing views.The only thing that is not 100% clear is ,Did this all start when the man was getting a ticket and was arrested. for his reaction to this or was it a situation that had been simmering within this community and this incident was the last straw which ignited the situation.I must admit i would hate to get a Ticket and im not keen on people who dish them out but surely the guy who was getting a ticket had commited some sort of offence to merit it.I would also imagine that you would have to take an adverse reaction to this to get yourself arrested.On the other hand as i have seen on the tv,American Police do seem to wade into a situation with excessive force.As for the rioters i would not blame an jewish group but i would say that you have on this occassion a group of individuals whos actions on this day has been unacceptible.Lets hope this situation can be resolved without further violence because it is not the right path to follow.

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