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Thursday, March 23, 2006



1) An Appeal.
Please fellow Bloggers, remove word verification from your blogs.
I love to read what you have to say, and I know you love it when readers leave a word, a thought, a note.
But word verification makes doing that, annoying and repetitive not to mention discouraging.

Is it only me or do the words we need to type in reappear frequently?

2) Saw this on a site and just had to share

"Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks"

3) If you wonder why The Pragmatician doesn’t link to you yet, then the answer is that I will post links to all my faithful readers' blog soon.

love the quote!
Yay! I get to be linked!
Does that make me the missing link?
Ok, so I follow your request and removed the word verification, let´s see how many spam comments I will get....

BTW. I love the soup mandels you put on your blog!!!!
Do you think a fish feed a person for a whole day?
As opposed to the hopes lifted by a comment only to discover that it's a woman named Shelia who wants you to come check some randomn commercial site.

Considering it.

Have a good shabbos
OK. Prag... I will conduct an experiment and undo the word verification. But if things get out of hand I will have to reinstate it. Then you cant say I didnt at least try :-)
I'll play too. Word verification shall disappear until things get out of hand (then again, things have a way of getting out of hand even with word verification -- SIGH)...
I am with u on this one.
will agree and try the same experiment as frumgirl and see what happens.

shavua tov!
I don't know HOW to get rid of word verification!!!
What happens if you teach a fish to use the internet?

Will it link to you?
Friday I had occurance where i had the same word verification reappearing, only to find i couldent post comment, different sites, on different computers at different times - i think it was maintainance downtime or something.

Have you had the fish shaped soup mandels yet?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I agree it takes less time for someone to delete the spam messages they get than it does for everyone who comments to use the word verification.
Thanks all for trying.
I understand you'll want Word verification back on if spamming gets out of control!

Kasamba-I'm not sure how to undo it, but try this link
You know it: Spam. I hate also the letters.
jameel-it'll eat you for a day
Prag....... I also can't stand the word verif. I have only gotten 1 spam in the months that I have been blogging. I don't think anyone else even saw it, I deleted it within the hour that I got it, no prob. Thanks for encouraging everyone else to remove theirs! :)
I also hated it. Still hate it. I never had it on my page until I was away for two weeks and had like 20 porm links and comments put up. And I think they're purposly making the stupid words harder and harder. Tell you what, since I'm back and check my blog more frequently, I'll turn it back off. well, if I can figure out how. A git voch.
I agree.

And when you get to my age, and the contacts combined with the reading glasses are not the best optical quality, there is a definite issue.
i put the word verification because i was getting a lot of unwanted annoying spam comments
Didn't know i turned on the spam control...don't know how to turn it off...
I hate the word verification, too, but I hate the spam even worse! Love your blog!!
See, how eager people are to please.
I must say it annoyed me too, I personally never had those spam comments, but I have watched Eshet's blog and they were non-stop.
I will also experiment it, but we should all keep an eye on each others blogs, so if there will be spam, e-mail the blogger, in case they dont get to see it.
PS. just realized that you jave my link there, can you add" last but not least" lol.

BTW what about the croutons?? I saw an advertisement for passover croutons, are we hooked?
just to wish you a happy kosher Pesach. I have very much enjoyed keeping blogging company with you-I am going to have a short break to think about soem of my issues. You and frumgirl are 2 very cool bloggers!
ok. I figured it out and took it down. First sign of what happened to me before and I'm putting it back. You're lucky I like you.
dear prag - i wholeheartedly agree about the word verification thing.

happy blogging

I am in total agreement with you Prag, I can’t stand word verification, drives me nuts.

Now how about writing up something (rules) for commentors, I once started writing up such a list, but got lost in middle and probably have it saved somewhere on my computer...
Uch..I hate word verification...
Thanks for bringing up the important point..
It seems to have shown some dividents already
Yes, it's agitating. But if you get alot of hits, you gotta have verification to keep the convo real. If you don't, you should drop it to pick up more comments
I don't think I have ever seen the same word twice on word verification - I just wish they would make the letter SLIGHTLY clearer because they are almost impossible to put in right. For someone who reads on a regular basis, I feel like they are making up a new alphabet sometimes!

Cute quote :)
Chaverah- Glad you liked it
Kasamba- One of the missing ones
Mia-I can’t eat a soup without.
Swiftthinker-if it’s to fill his belly, no
If it’s to provide him with nourishment, then yes.
Masmida-If you delete a few times, Sheila and Bert get the message.
Must gum-BTW way does must gum come as kasher le-Pessach?
Even you’re being spammed even with WV, then you can still disallow anonymous comments.
Sarah-Thanks for trying
Jameel-Did you test that theory?
G green-I don’t think so.
So did you deactivate WV?
The Red pen-Indeed it does, deleting a few spam message takes about 10 sec.
Emanuel ben zion- Glad you share my opinion.
Emah s-You’re welcome and thanks for setting a good example.
Eshet- Thanks for trying
Barbara-I didn’t even think about that, but it’s just another good reason.
Rebecca- Yeah that’s very annoying, but I think it became less bad, it’s worth a try.
Shop-Easier that way, the job is already done!
Moochy-Yes I can’t believe it, it’s a pleasant surprise.
I always post a pic and didn’t know which one was appropriate for this post, since we call the croutons “tidbits” at home, I chose this pic.
In a couple of days you’ll be among the first: )
Mata-I love it when people agree with me!thanks
Chasidshe- It’s a thought, I wouldn’t really know what rules to set, but it’s something to consider.
David-I’ve been a fan of you’re not resorting to using WVblog, since WV started.
Nemo-Or to spare the ones who leave comments the trouble of entering WV.
Shoshana-I wondered the same thing :)
I hate word verification because i usually don't get it roght the first time! Ever!! The letters are too squished together. I've noticed that if you leave it on for a bit and then take it off, the spammers don't come round anymore.
yeah i agree i hate those word verifications, they really get you nervous. that's why i dont have it on my blog. the thing is i never really experienced any spam yet so i can’t really speak.
Loved your pic of "shkadei marak" (soup almonds)- there used to be a commercial here in Israel where a kid would pour a MOUNTAIN of those things over his soup. The voice-over said, "Sometimes the soup is just an excuse!"

I also hate word verification. I don't get that much spam, but I'll take it rather than force people to perform the tedious task of deciphering those hard-to-read letters and typing them in.
ra'anana ramblings-That's a good punchline, and quite true as a matter of fact. I for one am not intersted in soup except when the almonds are available.

Thanks for stopping by and kol hakavod foor refraining from using WV.
Oh I didn't even know you disable word verification. I'll check it out.
I just discovered your blog (well, not exactly 'just'). May I use that quote on my blog? I will link it to yours, bli neder.
Ok, ok, I can see that NOBODY likes word verification much; it is somewhat of a pain. I think I might disable it for my blog. Maybe I'd get more comments that way?
BTW, your blog is pleasant on the eyes and easy to read. And interesting! I wish I had started blogging b/4 Purim, b/c I have so much to say on the subject! But it is not timely anymore. Suffice it to say that my husband makes a FANTASTIC fried Purim star for mishloach manot! It's been our 'trademark' for years now...
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