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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Family XYZ: Happy Purim, here’s your Mishloach Manot (gift basket).
Husband: “Oh Gitty look what a beautiful
Mishloach Manah from family XYZ”.
Wife:“Thank you so much here’s one ready made completely impersonal return Mishloach Manah for you”
(pss Mottel we didn’t count on them brining us one, now I don’t have one for family ZYX, nah we’ll use theirs, just make sure to replace their card with ours)
Would you prefer the chocolate cupcake, or the chocolate chip cookies Mishloach Manah? Purim Sameach!

And you know what? It was still a great day! (Didn’t get drunk, I promise)

why is it that no one complains about the fact that the every dollar bill they get is exactly the same, but everyone wants personalized gifts.

it's not the gift, it's the way you give it.
LOL... so true, so true. But it is to be expected. We are also all guilty of recycling... sometimes you get one you just didnt forsee.

Since there are no Jews in neighborhood (well, there are 6, technically), Purim baskets are not something that we obtain easily.

Actually, I received two this year: one from a family member, and another one from someone I met on my blog.

I did not realise the custom of giving out baskets at Purim, but I had one sent to soldiers in Israel, since it was explained to me that it is customary to give at least 2 baskets this time of year.

Chag Sameach!
so true!!
Me either. I only had some german beer, 50cl. Getting old.
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prag! why are you so negative! ok ok so their are those few that people didnt forsee you coming but look at all the people that remembered you! We are all guilty of recycling so we are all even!
No drinkin?
ok - but be honest - isn't there a sort of thrill when you see a whole bunch of them and feel really popular?
Prag, you probrably got more than I did. I just got a few.

I think that the highlight of my day though was when I was giving one to my cousin and saw that she and her family were having a small party in front of their house. I didn't stay but it was fun to see.
hehe... it's better to recycle than to have food go to waste!
and yep, even with all of that it was a great day!! :)
Barbara- Thoughtful of you to send one to the soldiers, I regret I forgot to do that this year.

The original custom was to give 1 food basket with a minimum of two immediately edible food (doesn't need to be cooked before consumption) in it.

Today the custom has been expanded to give baskets to everyone you know and to try and outdo others for the best Mishloach Manos. Hence my little well meant mockery of it.

Oobrowneyez- no, not for me I had to drive and besides I ‘m repulsed by drunken people so I wasn’t going to risk being one.
I wanna know where that one box of raisins that does the entire Shaloch Manos circuit originates from?
you are right-take the mishloah amnos deal lightly
our shule now has one package per family with alist of names of people who donated to charity in your name
Nemo-I think it orginates from last year's Mishloach manos,hope you didn't eat it:)

datingmaster-that's the corerct way to do it!
Right, we should send return cards a few weeks before Purim, like :
Mr. and Mrs._______________ will____ bring us Shlach munois.
__Large __ small(yoitzeh tzi zahn)
__Home made __store

RSVP required,
Oh no, I made sur to forward it to one of those "return" Shaloch Monos
I have been thinking alot about this post,
You are like me with excessive expectations of people.
sometimes u get disappointed
Datingmaster-that's so true, people disappoint me quite often, I should have less expectations I guess.
Prag you weren't alone in the sober Purim world this year, I was a designated driver.
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