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Monday, March 06, 2006



I didn't come up with these myself, I got them by email and thought they were legitimate questions.
I'm afraid I'm guilty of every offense mentioned here but somehow I don't feel terrible about it, yes I have to admit it, a good movie does give the impression that times moves faster than during Shul hours (unless of course there’s juicy non Lashon Horah gossip going around).
Are you guilty as well? Does it weigh on you like a feather or like the briefcases kids carry to school nowadays?

Isn't it funny that $10 seems like a lot when we give tzedaka,
but so little when we go shopping?

Isn't it funny how one hour seems so long when we worship G-d,
and so short when we watch a ball game?

Isn't it funny how 2 hours in shul seem so much longer than when we watch a video?

Isn't it funny how when a ball game goes into overtime we (not me but some people) get so excited,
but when prayers last a little longer than usual, we complain?

Isn't it funny how we find reading a whole Parsha from the Torah tiring, but it's so easy to read 100 pages of the latest novel?

Isn't it funny how we want to sit in the front row when we go to a basketball game but we sit in the last rows of the shul?

Isn't it funny how we need 2 or three weeks notice when there is an event to attend in the shul, and how we are always available for other events or programs?

Isn't it funny how we have difficulty to learn the parsha,
but so easy to learn and tell the latest gossip?

Isn't it funny how we believe in the newspapers, but we question the Torah?

Isn't it funny how we send millions of jokes via e-mail that spread like wildfire, but when we receive something about Judaism, we don't re-send them to anyone?

What have you got to say for yourselves?

Ok, I got my dose of reality for the day - Thank you! :-P
I got this email. And everything in it reaches inside. I passed it on, and seeing it again is a breath of fresh air. Nice post.
I also got this e-mail. I agree that the things are true for some, but why e-mail it to people? To show us what horrible people we are? I actually have an answer to each one, which I might post on my own blog.

But, Prag, you know what you're doing, so good job posting it.
I don´t really agree with many of the questions - but then I am also not a big ball game fan.....
prag - if it were so easy, we wouldn't be earning the schar, right?
true true mata hari.

I definitely agree with most of the lines. Unfortunately they happen all the time. Very insightful. I guess it should make ppl aware of the important things in a jewish/frum life.
good post prag, Sad how true it is.
I guess some things in life we need to learn how to enjoy.
Good post prag -- reminds us all where our priorities need to be...
Hanging my head in shame
Definitely something to think about.

good post!
good post. these questions help remind us what our priorities should be. it also shows how easily the Yetzer Hara does get to us and how much more we should be doing to overcome that... which is, without a doubt, challenging and difficult!
This post was to be mostly humorous.
While it’s true that many of us are lacking in certain areas, and as Mata Hari said if learning Torah was as easy as watching a movie we would not earn any S’char (reward) and that’s sorta of the whole point of our existence.

So Michelle, you’re right, there’s no need to forward this to everyone in our contact list, if the point is to reprimand, but if it is intended a gentile perspective giver than maybe someone stands to gain something from it.

And I’m sure everyone has answers, and good ones, even I do. And it’s perfectly natural to spend 10$ on food at the grocery store, and give a beggar only 1$ in the street.
I wouldn’t even recommend doing that differently.

I thought this text was something worth reading, but not something to reflect on for hours afterwards.
Maybe just maybe next time the B’al Tefillah (leading the prayers) schleps on for an extra 20 minutes, I’ll think of the 4 consecutive hours I watched ‘24’ last night.
I'm not Jewish but, I might add, "What would it be like if we read the scriptures as much as we read our magazines?"
Prag: Nicely done, but they have answers, like, if the chazan would match up with the worlds best players, in his feld, no one would mind..
If they would have action scenes in shul (or comedy etc.) no one would complain if its 2 hours.
And so on. its not the timing that bothers us, rather the lack of interest.
ucy- Indeed that would be valid addition, magazines are so disposable while Scripture can be read ad reread and is certainly intellectually more stimulating..

moochy- You are absolutely right, but the title was, don't need answers, not don't have answers. They’re sort of rhetoric.
Thats Einsteins Theory of relativity..is it not?
Answers that don't require questions...

I'm lazy.
Life is hard.
But that's what I feel like doing.
Do I haaaave tooooo?

You're right. Reality is hard to take and the unimportant so much more relaxing.
Nice List. I agree with masmida. We are all lazy!
David-If I knew that theory I might have been ale to confirm, but since I don’t…

Masmida- I’m still looking for answers like these.

Well life would be too perfect if the funs stuff was the good stuff.
(And quoting Te Matrix, we flawed humans reject a perfect world)

Specialx2- It does come down to that.
Thanks for commenting.
those are great questions

why not come to my purim seuda and ask some more...?
prag - you watched 24 for 4 hours? that's so funny. someone in my office came in all bleary eyed bec. she and her husband were up watching 24 (they have all the episodes on dvd and watched one after another).
I'm guilty in some cases
Good one as usual.

On the whole I think most Jews out there are pretty good, some times a post like this makes us step back and take a look at our priorities.

There is this bar I know of, that serves zero alcohol sprite.
JDM-You should know you have a great husband, he comments on every one of my posts and I appreciate that.

Mata- Same happened here, a soon to be ex friend thought it would be a great idea to lend me his three seasons worth of non stop 24.

Emanueml ben-zion- Like all of us, but I’m sure it’s not too bad: )

The real – zero alcohol sprite? Isn’t sprite always zero alcohol? Or is this a publicity stunt?
And I agree that Jews are overall good, if 10$ seems a lot to give to a beggar in one day, for most people that’s the amount of charity in a lifetime!
I have no idea what ANY of those things are so i am sitting here feeling WONDERFULLY GUILT-FREE!!! Yaaaaay!!
thanks prag for your compliments and thanks for being nice to my wife-sh e is cute
Evangelia-You escape this one, but I'll find one with a universal connotation very soon :)

I'm glad you think she's cute. Are you telling her that too? Women need compliments like Jewish morden orhtodox men need ties.
I too am guilty, as charged.

Taking an honest look at oneself, and seeing his/her part, and then making a change, is not ever easy, but for me, necessary to grow and glow!

BTW: thanks for your offer to discuss the Talmud with me. I really appreciate it, and may take you up on it one day.

So far, YY is keeping his promise and we discuss different aspects each day.
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