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Thursday, February 16, 2006



Lvnsm has come up with a fun idea, she started a novel entitled “The Trip” on her blog. It tells the story of a few youngsters going on a trip.
The idea is for every Blogger to develop his/her own take on the story.
You can add characters, delete (i.e. kill tem off) them, change weather conditions and physical locations, you decide!
Just make an effort to make sure there is some continuity to the story and the characters.
Lvnsm ha started (read 1st chapter) the novel on her blog, and I’m continuing here.
Now it’s up to another Blogger to pick where I stopped and add a few lines and developments to “The Trip”.

Please leave me a note when a chapter is added!


Dessert was being served, hot chocolate cake for Eric, and ice cream for the rest of the clan, when the girls thought that they had been patient enough.
“Ok, so we know there’s a surprise, you’ve hinted at that many times, now dish up, what is it”?
Eric started to talk but he was rudely cut off by Alex.
“No, you’ll just have to wait a little longer”!
Grudgingly the girls agreed not to insist anymore.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Josh, Eric’s cousin, came over.
“Hey Josh, what are you doing here”? Asked Eric.
“I’m dining with Dina, you know I’m counting on you to make our wedding a lively one, don’t you”?
“You bet I do”, answered Eric, “and you can count on me”.
“By the way”, Josh interjected just before leaving, “was Uncle Morris able to get you suites at the hotel for the price of regular rooms”?

The girls exploded in a symphony oh oohs and aahs, at the unexpected discovery of the surprise and even more so now they knew they were going to stay in suites!

I'm curious where this will go-anyway come over and meet my Mama
Wow, excellent job Prag.

I can so relate to the suite thing. I'm going to be staying in one when I go to Ny for my brother's wedding.
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LVNS-I didn't tag anyone in particular. But I'm sure DATINGMASTER will want to continue the story!
with pleasure but tell me Lvnsm27 can I make it spicy or only PG?
I guess you can have people making out but nothing further.
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