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Friday, January 13, 2006


A well rested Blogger!
I'm back from an internet free week! It was a hard but interesting experience.
More about that in an upcoming post.
I'd like to thank the kind Blogger who nominated my Blog for one of the Jewish Blog Awards(JIB). I just don't know who nominated me, and am very curious to find out.
Also thanks to A Frum Idealist for your email, it feels great to see I was missed.
Check me out again on your blogs and mine

good to have you back. You were missed....
Sorry we are against eachother :P
Rebecca-Thanks it's great to have been missed:)
Prag - Good to have you back! I was getting worried...I nominated everyone on my blogroll (including you and Rebecca) who I saw was not nominated for any of the other awards for the "Best of the Rest" award. I don't think much of the awards themselves, but good blogs deserve exposure, so at least on that score I think they are a good thing. Looking forward to reading about your internet-free week! Have a good shabbos!
Welcome back! And best of luck with the awards - enjoy the good feeling and publicity of having people acknowledge your hard work on a well-put-together blog, and keep it coming!
Welcome back, Prag! Good to have you back. I could easily live without the TV, but without the Internet?? No way!
I kept checking for new posts and when there weren't any, I just thought that you were a lazy blogger. But, it's good to have you back!!
Prag! Sorely missed! Shalom Aleichem!
Good to see you back in action.

You were missed.

Glad to see all is well.
Thanks so much it feels great to have been missed. Next time I guess I should leave a message before I take a brake.
Always good to let the fans know before you take a brake- good to have you back!
Welcome back... now get to work! :-)
Welcome back and congrats!
Same here, glad to see you back. And mazal tov on the nomination
Welcome back - so now that you're well-rested, I guess we can expect you to have plenty of energy for putting up new posts, huh? Hope I can keep up. :)
Welcome back, was getting tired of that post on Skiing..
you are sucha relaxed individual
I should learn from you
Welcome back Prag...
I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation..

I should try it..it's alot cheaper than a real vacation..
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I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this article together
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