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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I HATE WINTER SPORTS(If you call ski a sport)

I don’t know how many of you have had a chance to ski, but I bet that those who have, loved it and those who haven’t would very much like to try it out.

For me skiing is like math, both being awful childhood traumas.
I’m particularly sensible to the cold and skiing is certainly not a conducive activity to feeling warm and fuzzy.
But since the family packed up to join the hordes of sheep-like people going to the mountains every winter, I wasn’t exactly asked whether I felt like going along.
My earliest memory of skiing goes back to when I was but an innocent child of eight.
I went along with a group of kids and one teacher (only 1 for perhaps 10 kids!!). I kept falling and hurting myself, not to mention that with every fall snow crept in my clothes and slid over my already icy body.
The teacher didn’t pay much attention to me, he must’ve thought I was a troublemaker, and the other kids all seemed to be pros, as if they had skied right out of the womb.

So it happened year after year, I complained, even begged not to have to go, but it was easier to ignore the cries of a weird child (which normal person doesn’t like skiing?) than to find an alternative to keep me busy during the winter break.

The second year I feared the worst only to find out it actually gets worse, we went higher up and for that we had to take the “platter ski lift”. To me then a frightening engine that would surely drop me, and swallow me whole if I didn’t jump out on time before the platter turned back.

I've had needles the size of a pen injected in my back around the same age and wasn't half as scared of that than of these lifts. (just to give you an idea)

Needless to say I fell out sufficient times, got hurt and lost and only thanks to H’Ashem’s kindness found someone I knew after walking with heavy ski’s for 45 minutes. That same evening I vowed to recite 30 kapitlers Tehillim(psalms) if I wouldn’t fall off the platter lift the next day, and believe it or not, I didn’t. And yes I honored my vow.
This went on for years until one year I actually dared fight back against my parents. That morning I refused to leave the house and while they tried everything from cooing to threatening, I stayed at home. Being an compliant child neither my parents nor I knew very well how to handle this rebellion
It was a very unpleasant period; I tried to make amends but insisted on not skiing and so these issues we only resolved once we got back home.
Since then I haven’t skied and I don’t intend to ever again!

Rereading this before posting I realize it’s sort of a childish post, but with my friends all running off to the mountains to have ‘the time of their life’, all these memories flooded back and I needed an outlet!

I've never gone skiing. I always felt out of that clique of people that love to do it. I was always just afraid of every aspect of it. Afraid of the ski lifts, afraid of sliding down a mountain...
yeah, I don't do too well with the height thing. Although, I do love roller coasters, go figure!
LOL...where on earth do you get these pictures for your blog?!
I can identify 100 percent with this post and am in awe how you compare skiing with math. I am terrible at both!
i hate winter sports too
The trick in the winter is to stay inside in front of a nice warm fireplace drinking hot chocolate with someone that you really care about.
I've been skiing several times and, though I seem to be a pretty agile downhiller, never really enjoyed it. I had a hard time considering it a "sport" to strap a couple of sleds on your feet and slide down a snowy ski slope. It would seem more of a sport, to me, if the object of the game were to try NOT to slide down the slope.
Oh Prag, I laughed so hard reading this (don't hate me!!) because I could just envision a cute little boy trying so hard and yet...still falling. I feel so bad that you had to endure what was torture for you until you put your foot down. Glad you did! At least you gave it the old college try!

If it makes you feel any better, I don't like skiing, either. I'd rather stay back at the lodge, sit in front of the fire, watch the beautiful snow from the warm comforts of my room and sip on hot cocoa.

But math....well, that's a whole other story! I live and breathe it!
Am I the only one who loves to ski?!? (and I hate math...)
Where are all my fellow skiers?
Shop- I am right here, Own my own skis have a season pass, still loving it.

Prag- I used to have more respect for you :-)

You can only really enjoy the hot coco after a cold day skiing.
Its a very funny story. Note to self .. don't go with that Hot guy to Vermont for weekend, at least not to ski.. JK..
Count me in with the skiing and math haters.
Thats so funny..Because I also hate math..
I guess we're a bunch of creative types..

As Jackie Mason would probably say..
Jews have no business on Mountains..with lits..shmifts..skis..slaloms..dats for de gentiles..and dats it...
ice skating is fun...never tried skiing. well, I take that back. Ice skating is fun, the blisters afterwarda aren't.
Most people who have skiied truly loved it. I loved it when I was a kid, my brother hated it. So the very first time we went skiing, my brother got lost, crashed and tore all the ligaments in his leg. He never went skiing again. I skiied every year for about 12 more years. I haven't gone in ages and miss it. Yeah the cold isn't that great, but if you truly love skiing, you don't realize that it's that cold out.
I'm so chicken, I've never even tried it!
Rebecca- Thanks for sharing, I’m so glad to find out there others like me out there!

Missshona- Hi, I take them from hassle free clipart (see link) and clipart.com, and from various places on the web.

Barbara-Maybe there’s a connection between the two, skiing and math, it should be researched 

YY- Love to find like minded people, how come no one in my circle of acquaintances hates it?

A frum- Great idea, it’s safer and cheaper and overall better!

Lewis –Thanks for posting your thoughts, it’s incredible how many ski dislikers I find here

Stacey- I’m glad you had a good laugh; I try to inject humour here and there
It definitely makes me feel better to find others who dislike skiing or hate it as much as I do!
Thank you

Shop-Sorry I guess I attracted all the non lovers, but I can refer you to everyone I know in real life, my whole family to start with.

The Real-reminds me of the guy who wore shoes too small for his feet that hurt like hell because…when taking them off the relief gave him great pleasure! Sure a warm beverage is more appreciated after skiing, but is it a good enough reason to ski in the first place?

Sem- There’s little talking or bonding that can be done while skiing, so it wouldn’t make for a memorable date.The wonderful palc eypoiu described in your last post sounds much better

Genendy-You’re in, thanks

David- Well said. Indeed I am more of a creative type.

Eshet-Ice skating I could handle, but the blisters is just the price to pay.
Leave it to-I should meet your brother, sounds like we have something in common!Thanks for stopping by.

Nobody28-Hi and welcome to my blog, thanks for posting a comment.There realy is no need to try it!I forgot to mention that one on two skiiers get seriously injured at some point.
Well, I live in Texas. No snow here. I've never been on skis and don't plan to.
Not interested in skiing either.
I live in CA for a reason and it is not for the snow.
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Prag, that sounds so awful! I have never been skiing (with little desire to go) and I suck at math, so I can identify. What were the needles for, if you don't mind my asking? Warmth is good. Warmth when it involves hot cocoa in winter is even better....
Well! Its funny bc im not at all unco-ordinated...yet i cant iceskate or rollerblade?! Skiing - never tried it! But realy would love to...sounds so romantic doesnt it....yet Bridget Jones springs to mind and all that romance just disappears! :p
i skiied once. it was wretched. i was about 8 and in new mexico with my family. my parents let loose of me and i just kept flying down a hill straight toward the parking lot. i almost went off of the snow and into the parking lot at top speed until my dad ran up and saved me. i never wanted to do it again. i much prefer the beach anyway. i also despise math and still cringe if someone says "proofs" around me because i think of geometry. yuck.
Hi I wanted to know what are your New Year Resolutions-also more personal detail
are you married with kids
where do you live

waht do you do?
you are a mystery to your readers
Lucy-Very smart of you!

Lvns-Reading this reminds me of why I started blogging.

Jack’s-I should probably visit you and stay in CA while I do.

Mcaryeh-Hi, as a child I was quite ill for a long time. This will be the subject of future posts.

Kinished-Hey welcome back to my blog. Believe me there’s nothing romantic about skiing, just look at all the made for tv movies, It’s always during ice skating that sparks flow, rarely while skiing.

My Bald-Hi, obviously there’s a connection between math and ski! I think the beach is much more pleasant and safer too.
Where was my dad when I was falling?

Datingmlaster-Hi, I have a lot of work for the upcoming year, my resolution is to try to be nice and pleasant even when I’m in a bad mood. I don’t like to share personal details on blogs, it affords me to keep total anonymity.
I am not an avid skiier but I can understand the allure. There is a rush of adrenaline when you ski down that slope... I am not saying I prefer it to sitting by the fire and drinking hot cocoa like F.I. said.

Prag... get better ski gear next time! There is no reason for the snow and ice to get under your clothes...

I would take sitting on a hot sunny beach over skiing anyday.
love this post.
i live in the mountains and you couldn't pay me enough to get on a ski lift, let alone strap on a pair of skis....
come over yo havent visit for a while
This is soooo interesting. I've always heard skiers rave about the experience and felt a little bad that I hadn't ever tried it myself - but as you said....it's cold! and you fall. and the chair lifts are so high. lol
Growing up in Switzerland I was put on skis with the age of 3 and loved it since. Unfortunately my fiance hates it. We went skiing together in 2004 but I couldn´t convince last year (although he is a great skier), well this was my first year since age 3 not skiing in the winter - what can I tell you, I miss it a lot! But I understand your pain, my little sister hated it and after a few years my parents gave up and she was allowed to do other things than skiing. I think parents just think that you will like it after a while and it would be so wonderful to ski as a family (which it is), so they keep pushing... they just meant well and not to traumatize you :)

I hate math by the way:)
Every time its cold outside, I wonder why I am not on the slopes...
It is ok to be childish sometimes
Hi senjoying the snow? come by and visit
I value your comments
Anticipating your next post...

i laughed, and identified with all the non skiers out there. Last year, I did a program with my at risk teens that I work with. We went skiing in connecticut. I got gorgeous pictures on the slopes, but I could not get the hang of it,, I must say it was not the first time I got into the gear to try,,,
as to math, as a pisces, I am convinced that 1 and 1 make 11. I have always had the mental block. Maybe we should start a study... get funding, blah blah, and get rich?
Bec-Like always your comments are hilarious!

Datingmaster-I’m back!

Mata Hari-thank for commenting! And next post coming up soon!

Mia-I love to hear others who hate skiing, I don’t see why you can’t sky anymore, can’t you go while he reads a good book or takes a stroll?
I’m sure they meant well, but I can’t shake off the feeling that it was just easier to force me than to find alternatives.

The Real me- And why aren’t you?

Annonymosly- Hmm never thought to involve astrology in this, but I’m a pisces too. Something to consider.
Hey prag...whered u disappear to? missing ur posts here!
Hey Knished I'm back and I'll be rolling soon!
really missed you
Oh Prag, i can so relate to your fear of THE PLATTER lift! Sends shivers down my spine! I think i had an actual panic attack when i was in line for that the first time. But hey, if you don't like skiing, then just don't do it! No one says we all have to love skiing. I just do it to keep the rest of my fam company. Also, i don't find this post childish and even if it was, i admire people who are in touch with their inner child.
Have you stopped blogging?

Hope your new year is getting off to a good start!
evangelia-thank you for your words, it's comforting to read others knew the same fears.

Barbara-No I haven't but I was gone for a week and will be back and blogging very soon!
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