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Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm slowly getting into the Channukah spirit. I ate a Ponchke (special Chanukah doughnut) this afternoon and am posting this great joke.
Does anybody know what happened to NormalJew's blog?

Comic strip from www.offthemark.com

nice joke
I have put another photo of th emenora on my blog

NormalJew has decided to stop blogging. He sent out an email saying he doesn't have the time.
This post might shed some light on his whereabouts..
NJ Sent me an email saying that blogging was kinda messing him up. That it took too much time, and that he'd rather not deal with it anymore.
Prag, that's a cute cartoon.
Stacey-thanks for the info

David-thanks for the link
I love those donuts for Hanukah!

Funny joke. Thank you for sharing.
I very much like your site
I'm new how do I put your site as a link it to my site
Check out THIS LINK to knw how to put links on your blog
funny and sad at the same time. Wonder what will replace cell phones....
That's really cute
I heard a different version,
I ate latkeh's and panchkes one day, and i had heartburn for 8 days.
do you get some good donuts over there?
what about sex?
That is a very cute cartoon! Happy Chanuka!
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