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Thursday, November 03, 2005



It has been the longest time since I’ve had a chance to go out to a nice (ex- quiet) restaurant with my wife.
It wasn’t one where they politely request the guests to shut down, or hand over their phones and I was glad it wasn't.
I once forgot my cell phone home, unable to recuperate it until the evening, and throughout the day I felt an anxiety and nervousness I hadn't felt since the time a woman with a burqa appeared to be on my flight.
I like knowing where it is at any time of the day and night. No one can ever say they couldn't reach me.
I check my voicemail repeatedly and when slightly important reply promptly.
Sounds a little neurotic I know… But what human being is without faults?

I owe my drivers' license to the invention of the cell phone.
No way would I have dared to drive alone the first few times, if not for that reassuring sense of security.
Cell phones, still relatively expensive, are so much part of normal life that anybody who doesn't own one is seen as nothing less than an introvert or rebel.
While in fact precisely they are to be admired.
Everybody got a long well before the advent of the cell phones, didn't they?
There are so many of them to choose from. There's even a 'kosher' version (no kidding) available for the interested public.
However these little (or tiny in some cases) things, ring, to the sound of movie themes or popular hits, all the time. Better said, at all the wrong times.

I spent about an hour in the restaurant, and 10 to 15 minutes of it was used up telling friends and relatives we were there and would call back.
That's only half as bad as this much-too-old for his wife guy who spoke on his cell while his wife was eating (also too much).
Suddenly I wish they would change their policy and require guest to be cell phone free in their restaurant. Imagine the calm, peace and quiet. For neurotics like me there’s still the man’s room.

The sound of ‘Beverly hills cop’ or ‘mission impossible’ during the Shemonah Esrei is all too familiar. The other day I was davening Minchah to the melodious sound of, this is too rich, ‘jingle bells’.
The poor guy actually didn’t know this song (he didn’t see the titanic’ either and doesn’t know what The Mona Lisa is), nevertheless any ring tone, if not as much as this one, is inappropriate when people are trying to concentrate on their prayers.
So I count on you, dear readers, when visiting my blog put all your potential calls on hold, take a moment and read on…
On a different note I’d like to attract more visitors to my blog, so if you’re so kind to link to me I’d be happy to return the favor.

Hey I'm returning the favor ;-) Thanks for checking mine out... I used to detest cell phones now its just a part of life. Boy do I miss the days you could go anywhere and not hear any ringing... or loud talking....
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Cell phones are really a nasty intrusion. My father says he would rather davern in his office or a reading room in the library, and my mother complains that you cant even have any peace and quiet in the most private of places without those stupid things constantly going off.
I know EXACTLY ALL about being attached your your phone!
I used to know ALL (or most) numbers by heart, but now that every number goes into my cell, i depend on it as my phone book and I don't even know my best friends number by heart!!! Its crazy!

She actually just had a baby and I left my cell at home that day, I had to make a million calls to find out her husbands number, JUST TO GET THRU TO HER!!
I envy one of my sisters, she doesn't have a cell, and she's prob never gonna get one...she hates the thought of being available/reachable all the time.
I hate being attainable at all times too... but lets face it - in todays day & age you need one... in case of emergency when you are driving or if someone desperately needs to reach you... from that standpoint it makes no sense not having one. But those who abuse it by having their gossip sessions while strolling the streets... ugh.
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my dad doesn't really like cell phones, but i don't really mind them
Frumgirl-Thanks for visiting, would you like to exchange links as well?

Sem-Parents like to complain but most want their kids to have one so they can always know where their kids are at any given time.

Shop-I don't even know my wife's number by heart. I used to know over 50 numbers from memory.

Ivn-Do you own one?
i love my cell phone lol
if you were to call my cell, this is the voicemail message you would get:
hi! you've reached bec. there's a good chance that i have no idea where my phone even is, otherwise i'd have picked up.either that, or i didn't turn it on, again. in any case, it's pointless to leave a message, as it will be outdated by the time i receive it. so good luck, i hope you reach me another way. have a great day!
Sorry I have not visited your blog in awhile.

I hope you had a nice dinner with your wife, in spite of the interuptions. I know exactly what you mean, though, about the ringing being an on-going source of discomfort and iratation. There should be a sign in places, movies, concert halls, and eateries, to please turn off or silence one's cell during dining.

Be well.
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