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Friday, September 16, 2005



I’m quite upset.

Remember when everybody got that astonishing email saying how everything connected to the tragedy of 11 September could numerically form amazing coincidences?
After awhile it turned out it was all bogus, the pilots name and surname did not contain 9 and 11 letters. The flight number had nothing to do with 11’s or 9’s, and so on.
Now they want to connect the drama of hurricane Katerina with the drama of the forced evacuations.
To me nothing could sound more ridiculous.
The brainless statistic somebody came up with, that calculated that proportionate wise as many Americans needed to be evacuated as the number of Israelis in Gush Katif, have been disproved as fast as it was made up.
Unfortunately I cannot claim I understand the workings of G-D, equally unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.
Jews suffer so the culprits have to pay.
This is probably the way it will work once Moshiach comes (today I hope!!)
If it were so simple, do you think there would be a single anti-semite ,openly voicing his feelings, left? Unfortunately again that isn’t the case.
If everyone who messed with the Jews were struck by lightening or a chronic disease, I think I could finally go everywhere with my Kippah openly exposed, perhaps even in Paris.

That is one point, the other one is that the victims of New Orleans have absolutely nothing to do with what happened at Gush Katif, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them didn’t even know what was going on there.

So feel for the Israelis who were poorly treated by the Israeli government and lost so much. Think and donate if you wish about the unfortunates who lost everything to the streams of water(bitter irony huh?) but don’t blame Americans for the errors of heartless politicians and what they did to stiff necked but courageous Israelis.

Well said.

As my husband says, the Jews will continue to be blamed for all of the world's woes. There is even a movie coming out in the near future on how some Arabs believe that 9/11 was the fault of the Jews. We must be scapegoated no matter what, and this, of course, is a 2000 year old formula.

Have a good Shabbos.
Thanks for stopping by my Blog.
how ridiculous...what does gush katif have to do with new orleans??? who came up with this connection??
Barbra-You husband knwos what he's saying!

Trudging- you're welcome and thanks for stopping by as well, feel free to visit and post your thoughts.

opne up-I don't know who started it but obviously not a very intelligent person.
As I have already posted on another blog, I have to disagree.
There is ALWAYS a purpose and a connection. WE just don't see it.

Prag, did you get the idea of using that picture from my comments on your previous post?
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