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Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Before I start ranting again, I’d like to clarify that I am a believing Jew.
I have some controversial opinions and I’m certainly far from perfect where Halachah and mitzvahs are concerned, yet basically I’m Frum.
That does not mean I’m always happy with what being frum entails.
You’ve heard me cry about the fasts, you’ve comforted me when I shed tears over the three music-free weeks and 9 meat-free days and now if can still bear with me, you’ll hear all about my sleep deprivation.
Indeed since Monday, there’s an addition to the Shacharis prayer.

Because everybody still needs to get to their jobs on time and because it’s in fact the point of these added tefillos, it is said half an hour before the regular prayers
It’s Slichos time every morning (Shabbes excluded) till Yom Kippur.
My alarm clock has been set to 30 minutes earlier than usual and when I leave home it’s eerily dark outside.
Elul is a special month do to teshuvah, to sincerely repent all the misdeed we have and may have committed, even the unintentional ones. Of course so is the month of Av and Adar and the next month (till Hoashana Rabbah), but in Elul there seems to be something that really speaks to people.Is fear or is it reverence?
Most people make honest resolutions to improve and work on their middos, even if they don’t last very long, the intentions are genuine.
People seem to greet you friendlier and it gets a little awkward when someone asks you for forgiveness.
It’s probably the only time of the year you can relax knowing no one is talking about you.
It’s a very inspiring and productive time of the year. And by being Jewish we escape the shopping frenzy that goes on by those who celebrate new years later in the year.

With all this in mind I just can’t help feel sorry for myself every morning when I wake up half an hour earlier than usual.
I tell myself it’s only for two weeks, followed by a long fast (25 hours!!) concluding with my favorite festival Sukkos(no food restrictions, and Chol Hamoed!)

So tomorrow morning I’ll wake up, go to the Selichos and continue on my way.
I’ll realize that on a working day from 9 hours, 30 minutes extra to devote on the preparation for the high holidays, just isn’t that much!

just dont do selichot if your so tired
Count your blessings!
I'm suffering from Insomnia for 3 weeks. For some reason I can't sleep past 4:00 a.m. Its crazy. I'm falling on my nose!!!
YY-I'm not sure that's an option, but I do get late.

Shevy-that is weird, perhaps if you do it, you should refain from caffeine after 6pm.It helped me.
ahh, the joys of being a woman and being free from time constraining mitzvot....hang in there. we're very lucky to be living in a time when you can get up early to daven and not have to do it in secret.

sorry i haven't visited your blog in a while!
Hi Bec,
indeed there are advantages to being a woman:)thanks for your visit.
yes bec you are right
What a beautiful post. You are indeed blessed.

I am not frum, but I take elul seriously as well, and look at this time as one of deep introspection and honesty, as I have posted on my blog.

I have a question: what if you ask another Jew for forgiveness, and they do not forgive you? What then?
Just curious how that issue is handled. I suppose, we can only speak our own minds, do our parts, and our intentions are what truly matters the most.

Hope your day is a bit more restful.
Barb, regarding forgiveness, I think it's that if a person asks another person for forgivness and they don't get it, then they have to ask two other times and if they still don't get it, then they don't have to ask anymore and it's up to the other person to do their part.
Barbra-Hi, I leaned the same as what IVN explains, your obligation doesn't go further than sincerely asking three times, after that it's between the other person and G-D.
You have done yours.
If you have wronged a person in a way that needs rectification the approach is different; like say if someone steels something he should first return the stolen object and than ask for forgiveness.

IVN-Perhaps we ha the same school Rebbi:)

IVN-Perhaps we ha dteh same schoo; Rebbi:)
Ok...Thank you both... May you be inscribed for a sweet, healthy and happy year
Dont take it as a bad note, prayers always helps.
But re: YY's recomendation.
I know of someone who's first cusins, son in law, had a brother that actually tried it-not to say slichos- and was happy to report that he did live thru the year.
Moochy-clearly it's not all black and white some people say slichos with great kavanah and die, some don't and win the lottery, that's life.
maybe say selichot at night b4 you go to sleep
or get in bed 10 to 15 minutes earlier
try to nap during the day for 30 minutes
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