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Monday, August 01, 2005



Disclaimer:I'm not as old and Shevy may or may not be blonde.

Shevy's Questions

1. What are your greatest pet peeves?
2. What do you regularly eat for breakfast?
3. Tell us about something you have done, and didn't tell anyone. A secret.
4. What are your views on the Disengagment?
5. Give us a review of 5 of your most favorite blogs.

My Answers
When I’m invited Friday night and the food is burned or simply not good, then can’t stop ranting about it until next Friday night.
Of course I will say everything was delicious but inside and to others...

I eat a bar of chocolate almost immediately after waking up, but for my real breakfast after davening, I usually eat cereal.

Proud of: borrowed 200$ to a friend who was scammed and didn’t dare talk to his parents about it.
Shamed of: Took some pills that weren’t so good for me after I hadn’t been able to fall asleep the whole week.

I find this whole situation to be a terrible Chillul H’Ashem. And while I can’t put myself in their shoes, and have no right to judge them, I feel like the settlers are waging a war they can never win.

Lately I have been reading the blogs of people who bother to read mine and leave a comment.
In no particular order of preference:

YM- My first commentator and linker
A fair amount of humor and more often than not interesting to read

NormalJew –Makes an effort to update every day and treats his reader to a funny image or quote from time to time

The Anecdote teller- humor in use lots of lists, easy reading

Shoe fetish- Daily dose of freshness. Lots about shoes.

Knifedge Kvetch-Always something of interest straight from Great-Britain

I’ll take this opportunity to post links to all my commentators' blogs.
I enjoy reading all these blogs.

-Semgirl- Zoe Strickman-The Real Me-

Thanks for the shout out and link - cool.
Thanks for the link ;). You have a great blog.
You're both welcome. If you ever want to reciprocate I won't protest :)
(I gotta make sure this dosent get to my head!)
I, shop, was zoche to make your top 5 blog list!
Good answer, Good answer, as they would say on Family Fued
Shop-You earned that place!And why not let it get to your head, who will know?:)

Shevy-Glad you liked my answers
Pleased I can be of interest to some people!
Prag - what do you mean 'more often than not'?! Don't you mean my blog is ALWAYS intereting to read?!? ;)
YM- I had to say something a little negative, otherwise bloggers might say I have a crush on you:)
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