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Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Move aside peer-to-peer and make place for Blogger-to-Blogger.
The latest trend in blogworld is personal interviews.
Questions range from profound to absurd, but everyone participates.
One of the popular questions, surely a reflection on the bloggers in general, is to share a discomforting moment.
Since originally I planned to write about Shidduchims, I will associate the two in one story.

It was my first formal date ever. I was in a strange city where I only knew bout 5 persons.
The girl was from out of town as well but stayed by an uncle of hers.
My hostess was kind enough to drop me off and waited in the car, curious to see what the girl looked like. We had been told that she was a rare beauty, so she wanted to know how trustworthy this Shadchanit was for future reference.

I rang the doorbell, quite nervous. It took a few minute before somebody answered the door.
Finally a guy opened the door and I said “Hi, I’m here for whatever-her-name-was”.
He looked at me like I had just asked to date his 15 year old, and after a moment just said “why”?
I panicked a little and looked back at my hostess with my hands up in the air.

This very moment ranks as one of the most embarrassing I can remember.
I just stood there, disoriented not quite knowing what to do or say.

Anyway 21 year old, inexperienced in dealing with strangers, me answered I came to take her out on a date.
He looked at me and just said “oh”?
He knew nothing! His guest didn’t find it necessary to inform her hosts that someone might come around 7 to take her out.
I’m not advocating sharing all your business with an uncle however; it did concern him a little.
At last he went inside, leaving me at the doorstep, to ask what this is all about.
Needles to say, though not only because of this incident, there was no second date.


Oh come on, that cant be your most embarrasing thing ever!
Yes shidduchim are awkward.
and yes, my most embarrasing moment was probably on a shidduch!
Karl-well it isn't but
since originally I planned to write about Shidduchims, I will associate the two in one story
And one of the most

Is hat particular embarrassing moment told anywhere on your blog? I'm very curious to hear about it.
I remember doing something one time along time ago that was extremely stupid and embarrassing.
When I look back, I feel embarrassed again.
What was the girl thinking??

So, nuuuu Ivnsm27, are you gonna tell us what you did oh so long ago or are you gonna make us all wonder? and guess??
Ivnsm - you've got us all listening now!
Prag - (firstly Shidduchim is plural.)I did post it originally, but I quickly removed it!
Looking back on it now, its something to laugh about and not so bad - except if she read it. I may have mentioned it in passing somewhere. You'll have to wait until the next post (or two ) to find out more. ;-)
Ivns- You’ve got to get closure on this moment, perhaps an apology to whoever was involved would help?

Shop-Well she wasn't and she wasn't green enough for inexperience to be an excuse!

karl-Oups you're right, it’s already in the plural form.
I guess I could edit it but then your post won’t make any sense anymore
Thanks for letting me know.
That is a funny story.
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