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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Today was awful; half the personnel at work were absent.
Unfortunately it didn’t carry over to the amount of work to be done.
One has taken ill, number two is on leave, another was busy outdoors, and yet another came in late.

Fortunately I’m more or less able to cover for most co-workers, as I’m familiar with the various computer programs,languages spoken and most of the procedures.
Unfortunately I can’t clone myself into 4 and there’s where “awful” comes into play.
I ran around a lot, steps up and down, typed words and numbers on 5 different keyboards, in 4 different rooms and getting my regular work done while catching my breath.
Ironically, or rather sadly this is the closest thing to exercise I’ve done in months.
Although I swore to myself I’d go jogging last month, given that it wasn’t said just before Rosh Hashanah it didn’t really count.

When thinking back I always have good, really credible arguments for not exercising daily. I have plenty of others to blame when necessary. Be it my wife, my mother, my boss, and even my landlord. In addition I have plenty of more constructive things to do. Right now, I’m attempting a career as a Shadchan.
If I have to believe the Hamodia’s ‘letters to the editor’ column, there’s a sore lack of ‘em in the modern-orthodox and, orthodox but not quite Chassidic, public.
If I have to believe my matchmaker, there’s good money to be made.
The subject is important enough to warrant a deeper look but another time.

I write articles for my blog, which is a new big priority for me.
And lastly but not less important, I try to create quality time for me and my better half.

So Jogging, treadmill and co, will just have to wait until a Doctor declares keeping fit a must.
Then I know I’ll do it, because I take health matters with an almost exaggerated seriousness.
Why? You ask. That’s a story for later.

If you're looking to make money in the matchmaking business, I think I might have a great idea for you - matchmaking for married people. It seems there's a great demand for it out there . I even have your first client for you - foncused! (Don't forget to give me a cut of the profit - ok?)
Hi Prag, thanks for coming to my blog (jewishLUVLIFE.blogspot.com). Yes, I have done quite a few Jdates. I think for me I need to meet someone in person because many times the photo is old and then I'm not meeting who I thought I was going to. Also there is something that just cannot be told through a photo.

Best Wishes,

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