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Wednesday, July 27, 2005



Yiddishe Mamme was kind enough to Interview me!
Thanks for the interesting questions YM.
If anybody wishes to be interviewed by me, just leave a note.

Yiddishe Mamme's questions:

1) Name 10 of your favorite songs (you're not gonna complain that it's too many right? I mean, for a music lover like you, 10 faves is a joke!)
2) What's your idea of 'having a blast!'
3) Do you think blogs are more beneficial or detrimental?
4) If you could be one person for a day, who would you be?
5) How good are you at table tennis and are you up for a little friendly competition one day?

My Answers

Of course I’m going to complain, but not now:)
My top ten changes quite frequently, but here’s the current status
1) Vivo per Lei- Andrea Bocelli (Italien)
2) Bohemienne- Tina Arena
3) Mandy- Barry Manilow
4) You’re the voice- John Farnham
5) L’enfant Soleil- Anne Marie David (French)
6) To Love you more- Celine Dion
7) Monopolis –France Gall (French)
8) A dream is a whish you heart makes (Disney’s Cinderella)
9) If that’s what it takes –Celine Dion
10) I just want to be your everything –Andy Gibb

Hmm tough one, I rarely have a blast.
I’m plenty happy with a board game, a good video or a nice walk.
I don’t attend, nor am invited to many parties and the like.
But one thing that is very exhilarating to me is being proven right.
So lately I advised an acquaintance to take a certain route but he chose to ignore my advice, ended up calling me from his cell since he was caught in an unbelievable traffic. It’s petty I know. It just feels REALLY good.
The latest real blast I had was last winter at DISNEYWORLD Florida!!
Boy! did I enjoy playing around with those fast-passes!

You probably can guess the answer to that one.
It’s not black and white. Many blogs I read, have constructive content, intelligent articles or interesting information.
I see these blogs as enriching to my surfing experience.
On the other hand it pretty much gives a voice to every creepy, scheming evil person knowing his way around the net.
Overall I would label the blogsphere beneficial. Every instrument can be used for good or evil. The unfortunate choice some people make to use basically good stuff for devilish purposes is no reason to spoil it for everybody.

This may sound crazy, but I’d choose to be someone living during Avraham Avinu’s timeline. Perhaps with the knowledge I have I could prevent his union with Hagar and who knows…
In a more contemporary vein, I’d like to freaky-friday with my boss. The glee in simply thinking about the possibilities is priceless.

Oh I’m up for a friendly game of ping pong.
As a kid we had a table at home.
It served as dinner table when we were barbequing, but was used a lot on Sundays and late Fridays for its’ actual purpose.
Let’s just say I had plenty of practice until a couple of years ago.
I still enjoy a pleasant game of table tennis when I get a chance.
The question now, is whether we live close enough to each other to make a match a reality.

Ok, here are the(interviewing) rules again:
1) Leave me a comment saying "interview me please."
2)I will respond by asking you five questions ( not the same as above)
3)You will update your blog/site with the answeres to the questions.
4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewd you will ask them five questions.

Interesting answers. Were you looking for better questions? I've seen some of them get pretty personal.
I won't take that personally, Zoe.

All those songs are amazing! (I assume. I only know the first Celine one ;))

If being right is considered having a blast, then I live a wild and crazy, blastfull life.

About the ping pong match, we might just have to be pragmatic about it. How about if we just decide for each of us to play at our own places, with our own partners, at the same exact time? We'll take frequent breaks to leave comments on each other's blogs to let the other know how we're doing?

Anyway, would you like to interview me?
Love your list of fav songs!
Good Choices!
Interview me!
Zoe- I was pretty content with the questions, and I'd rather not get questions that are too personal .It's supposed to be fun right?

YM-I'm delighted about your pragmatic idea! Let’s do that. Only I need to find a place where to play our old table has long since retired.

Shop-Thanks it's really rare I get compliments on my choice of music, most people (like YM) don't know any of the artists I like.

Shevy-watch your comments box!!
I did Chayala today. I'll iy'h do yours next. Later in the day, or tomorrow. Thanks much.
Nothing personal, but your song choices scare me in ways that I cannot possibly describe. But as I always say, Live and Let Live. What's good for the goose may not be for the gander. Etc.
Interview me please!!!


NJ from NJ
elster- I know, I know, it's old-fashioned and none are dance tracks, one could think I’m from another place and time, but I didn't get to choose my weird tastes( I don't like Ketchup!)

Normaljew- Coming up
I'm always intrigued to find others who listen to French music. I have been a Jean-Jacques Goldman fan for 15 years and I regularly listen to www.chantefrance.com
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