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Monday, July 18, 2005



Coca Cola, not Pepsi, neither any makeshift soft drink will do.
One might think that their aggressive marketing techniques have gotten to me.
They attack with one of the most fearful weapons on earth: Mass Media.
Everywhere they press their merchandise almost literally down my throat.
Magazines, billboards and the way it is always shelved so conveniently to my reach.
But it’s not that!
I firmly believe that I’m completely immune to any form of advertising.
The only type of advertising that might trigger a reaction is the informative one.
If I’ve had in mind that I need product so and so, then if I would see and ad about it, I would go out and make a purchase.
I (almost) never feel that I need something just because it’s advertised.
Neither do I run out to every store that has a “ big “sales day.
It has come to my attention that the only “sale” really going on, is for the storeowner.

As religious Jew, I’ve been immunized from my younger years, not to pay too much attention in general to publicity, as so many of the ads are for food products there’s no way I’ll be eating anytime soon.
Same goes for clothing and other products that an Orthodox Jew can’t do a thing with, except give away to non Jewish colleagues.
That’s one of the factors that help.
The other one is that I’ve studied marketing and strategic communication.
I had a great teacher who dissected prevalent methods that target our brain and subconscious functioning, with his students.
Simply knowing about these even cursorily, removes the effect of the aggressive messages for an important part.
There’s no need to be alert or anything, it works like a vaccine.

If this blog ever attracts a significant number of visitors I’ll try to get in touch with this teacher, turn my attic upside down to find my notes from then, and finally share these, potentially money saving, tidbits of wisdom with my readers.

So why Coca Cola?I guess my taste buds are responsible.
And I happen to have very discriminating ones.…

But why not Pepsi? - it even has a better hechsher!
Personally prefer Coke myself (the drink), but who knows whats been influenced subconciously.
I've tried Pepsi and various alternatives, as well the ill fated Kosher Coke but none made me come for more.
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